Architect scalable e-commerce web app

SQL Database
Web Apps

Solution Idea

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Build scalable e-commerce web apps with Azure Functions and Web Apps, so you can create personalized experiences while Azure takes care of the infrastructure.


Architecture Diagram Download an SVG of this architecture.

Data flow

  1. User accesses the web app in browser and signs in.
  2. Browser pulls static resources such as images from Azure Content Delivery Network.
  3. User searches for products and queries SQL database.
  4. Web site pulls product catalog from database.
  5. Web app pulls product images from Blob Storage.
  6. Page output is cached in Azure Cache for Redis for better performance.
  7. User submits order and order is placed in the queue.
  8. Azure Functions processes order payment.
  9. Azure Functions makes payment to third party and records payment in SQL database.


  • Web Apps: An App Service Web App runs in a single region, accessible to web and mobile browsers
  • Azure SQL Database: Managed, intelligent SQL in the cloud
  • Azure Functions: Process events with serverless code
  • Application Insights: Detect, triage, and diagnose issues in your web apps and services

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