ExpressRoute partners and peering locations

The tables in this article provide information on ExpressRoute connectivity providers, ExpressRoute geographical coverage, Microsoft cloud services supported over ExpressRoute, and ExpressRoute System Integrators (SIs).

ExpressRoute connectivity providers

ExpressRoute is supported across all Azure regions and locations. The following map provides a list of Azure regions and ExpressRoute locations. ExpressRoute locations refer to those where Microsoft peers with several service providers.

Location map

You will have access to Azure services across all regions within a geopolitical region if you connected to at least one ExpressRoute location within the geopolitical region.

Azure regions to ExpressRoute locations within a geopolitical region

The following table provides a map of Azure regions to ExpressRoute locations within a geopolitical region.

Geopolitical region Zone Azure regions ExpressRoute locations
Australia Government 1 Australia Central, Australia Central 2 Canberra, Canberra2
Europe 1 France Central, France South, North Europe, West Europe, UK West, UK South Amsterdam, Amsterdam2, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, London2, Marseille, Newport(Wales), Paris, Zurich
North America 1 East US, West US, East US 2, West US 2, Central US, South Central US, North Central US, West Central US, Canada Central, Canada East Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Antonio, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley2, Washington DC, Washington DC2, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto
Asia 2 East Asia, Southeast Asia Hong Kong SAR, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Singapore2, Taipei
India 2 India West, India Central, India South Chennai, Chennai2, Mumbai, Mumbai2
Japan 2 Japan West, Japan East Osaka, Tokyo
Oceania 2 Australia Southeast, Australia East Auckland, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
South Korea 2 Korea Central, Korea South Busan, Seoul
UAE 3 UAE Central, UAE North Dubai, Dubai2
South Africa 3 South Africa West, South Africa North Cape Town, Johannesburg
South America 3 Brazil South Sao Paulo

Regions and geopolitical boundaries for national clouds

The table below provides information on regions and geopolitical boundaries for national clouds.

Geopolitical region Azure regions ExpressRoute locations
US Government cloud US Gov Arizona, US Gov Iowa, US Gov Texas, US Gov Virginia, US DoD Central, US DoD East Chicago, Dallas, New York, Phoenix, San Antonio, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC
China East China East, China East2 Shanghai, Shanghai2
China North China North, China North2 Beijing, Beijing2
Germany Germany Central, Germany East Berlin, Frankfurt

Connectivity across geopolitical regions is not supported on the standard ExpressRoute SKU. You will need to enable the ExpressRoute premium add-on to support global connectivity. Connectivity to national cloud environments is not supported. You can work with your connectivity provider if such a need arises.

Connectivity provider locations

The following table shows connectivity locations and the service providers for each location. If you want to view service providers and the locations for which they can provide service, see Locations by service provider.

Local Azure Regions are the ones that ExpressRoute Local at each peering location can access. n/a indicates that ExpressRoute Local is not available at that peering location.

Production Azure

Location Peering Location Owner Local Azure Regions Service Providers
Amsterdam Equinix West Europe Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, Colt, Equinix, euNetworks, GÉANT, InterCloud, Interxion, KPN, IX Reach, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, NTT Communications, Orange, Tata Communications, TeleCity Group, Telefonica, Telenor, Telia Carrier, Verizon, Zayo
Amsterdam2 Interxion West Europe DE-CIX, Interxion, Vodafone
Atlanta Equinix n/a Equinix, Megaport
Auckland Vocus n/a Devoli
Busan LG CNS Korea South LG CNS
Canberra CDC Australia Central CDC
Canberra2 CDC Australia Central 2 CDC
Cape Town Teraco South Africa West Internet Solutions - Cloud Connect, Liquid Telecom, Teraco
Chennai Tata Communications South India Global CloudXchange (GCX), SIFY, Tata Communications
Chennai2 Airtel South India Airtel
Chicago Equinix North Central US Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Cologix, Comcast, Coresite, Equinix, InterCloud, Internet2, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, PacketFabric, PCCW Global Limited, Sprint, Telia Carrier, Verizon, Zayo
Dallas Equinix n/a Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, Cologix, Equinix, Internet2, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, Neutrona Networks, Telmex Uninet, Telia Carrier, Transtelco, Verizon, Zayo
Denver CoreSite West Central US CoreSite, Megaport, Zayo
Dubai Etisalat UAE UAE North Etisalat UAE
Dubai2 du datamena UAE North du datamena, Orixcom
Dublin Equinix North Europe Colt, eir, Equinix, Interxion, Megaport
Frankfurt Interxion n/a DE-CIX, Interxion
Hong Kong SAR Equinix East Asia Aryaka Networks, British Telecom, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Chief Telecom, China Telecom Global, Equinix, Megaport, NTT Communications, Orange, PCCW Global Limited, Tata Communications, Verizon
Johannesburg Teraco South Africa North British Telecom, Internet Solutions - Cloud Connect, Liquid Telecom, Teraco
Kuala Lumpur TIME dotCom n/a TIME dotCom
Las Vegas Switch n/a CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Megaport
London Equinix UK South AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, Colt, Equinix, InterCloud, Internet Solutions - Cloud Connect, Interxion, Jisc, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, MTN, NTT Communications, Orange, PCCW Global Limited, Tata Communications, Telehouse - KDDI, Telenor, Telia Carrier, Verizon, Vodafone, Zayo
London2 Telehouse UK South IX Reach, Equinix
Los Angeles CoreSite n/a CoreSite, Equinix, Megaport, Neutrona Networks, NTT, Zayo
Marseille Interxion France South Interxion, Jaguar Network
Melbourne NextDC Australia Southeast AARNet, Devoli, Equinix, Megaport, NEXTDC, Optus, Telstra Corporation, TPG Telecom
Miami Equinix n/a C3ntro+, Equinix, Megaport, Neutrona Networks
Montreal Cologix n/a Bell Canada, Cologix, Telus, Zayo
Mumbai Tata Communications West India Global CloudXchange (GCX), Reliance Jio, Sify, Tata Communications, Verizon
Mumbai2 Airtel West India Airtel, Sify, Vodafone Idea
New York Equinix n/a CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Coresite, Equinix, InterCloud, Megaport, Packet, Zayo
Newport(Wales) Next Generation Data UK West British Telecom, Colt, Level 3 Communications, Next Generation Data
Osaka Equinix Japan West Equinix, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. - IIJ, NTT Communications, NTT SmartConnect, Softbank
Paris Interxion France Central Colt, Equinix, Intercloud, Interxion, Orange, Telia Carrier, Zayo
Perth NextDC n/a Megaport, NextDC
Quebec City 4Degrees Canada East Bell Canada, Megaport
San Antonio CyrusOne South Central US CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Megaport
Sao Paulo Equinix Brazil South Aryaka Networks, Ascenty Data Centers, British Telecom, Equinix, Level 3 Communications, Neutrona Networks, Orange, Tata Communications, Telefonica, UOLDIVEO
Seattle Equinix West US 2 Aryaka Networks, Equinix, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, Telus, Zayo
Seoul KINX Korea Central KINX, LG CNS, Sejong Telecom
Silicon Valley Equinix West US Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Comcast, Coresite, Equinix, InterCloud, IX Reach, Packet, PacketFabric, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, Orange, Sprint, Tata Communications, Verizon, Zayo
Silicon Valley2 Coresite West US Coresite
Singapore Equinix Southeast Asia Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, Epsilon Global Communications, Equinix, InterCloud, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, NTT Communications, Orange, SingTel, Tata Communications, Telstra Corporation, Verizon, Vodafone
Singapore2 Global Switch Southeast Asia Colt, Epsilon Global Communications, Megaport, SingTel
Sydney Equinix Australia East AARNet, AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, Devoli, Equinix, Kordia, Megaport, NEXTDC, NTT Communications, Optus, Orange, Telstra Corporation, TPG Telecom, Verizon
Taipei Chief Telecom n/a Chief Telecom, FarEasTone
Tokyo Equinix Japan East Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Colt, Equinix, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. - IIJ, NTT Communications, NTT EAST, Orange, Softbank, Verizon
Toronto Cologix Canada Central AT&T NetBond, Bell Canada, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Cologix, Equinix, IX Reach Megaport, Telus, Verizon, Zayo
Washington DC Equinix East US, East US 2 Aryaka Networks, AT&T NetBond, British Telecom, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Cologix, Comcast, Coresite, Equinix, Internet2, InterCloud, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, Neutrona Networks, NTT Communications, Orange, PacketFabric, Sprint, Tata Communications, Telia Carrier, Verizon, Zayo
Washington DC2 Coresite East US, East US 2 Coresite
Zurich Interxion n/a Interxion

+ denotes coming soon

National cloud environments

US Government cloud

Location Service Providers
Chicago AT&T NetBond, Equinix, Level 3 Communications, Verizon
Dallas Equinix, Megaport, Verizon
New York Equinix, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Verizon
Phoenix AT&T NetBond, CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Megaport
San Antonio CenturyLink Cloud Connect, Megaport
Silicon Valley Equinix, Level 3 Communications, Verizon
Seattle Equinix, Megaport
Washington DC AT&T NetBond, Equinix, Level 3 Communications, Megaport, Verizon


Location Service Providers
Beijing China Telecom
Beijing2 China Telecom, GDS
Shanghai China Telecom
Shanghai2 China Telecom, GDS

To learn more, see ExpressRoute in China


Location Service Providers
Berlin e-shelter, Megaport+, T-Systems
Frankfurt Colt, Equinix, Interxion

Connectivity Through Exchange Providers

If your connectivity provider is not listed in previous sections, you can still create a connection.

  • Check with your connectivity provider to see if they are connected to any of the exchanges in the table above. You can check the following links to gather more information about services offered by exchange providers. Several connectivity providers are already connected to Ethernet exchanges.

  • Have your connectivity provider extend your network to the peering location of choice.

    • Ensure that your connectivity provider extends your connectivity in a highly available manner so that there are no single points of failure.
  • Order an ExpressRoute circuit with the exchange as your connectivity provider to connect to Microsoft.

Connectivity Through Additional Service Providers

Location Exchange Connectivity Providers
Amsterdam Equinix, Telecity BICS, CloudXpress, Eurofiber, Fastweb S.p.A, Gulf Bridge International, MainOne, Nianet, Post, Proximus, TDC Erhverv, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Telia
Atlanta Equinix Crown Castle
Cape Town Teraco MTN
Chicago Equinix Crown Castle, Spectrum Enterprise, Windstream
Dallas Equinix, Megaport Axtel, C3ntro Telecom, Cox Business, Crown Castle, Data Foundry, Spectrum Enterprise, Transtelco
Frankfurt Telecity BICS, Cinia, Nianet, QSC AG
Hamburg Equinix Cinia
Hong Kong SAR Equinix Chief, Macroview Telecom
Johannesburg Teraco MTN
London BICS, Equinix, euNetworks, Telecity Bezeq International Ltd., CoreAzure, Epsilon Telecommunications Limited, Exponential E, HSO, NexGen Networks, Proximus, Tamares Telecom, Zain
Los Angeles Equinix Crown Castle, Spectrum Enterprise, Transtelco
Madrid Level3 Zertia
Montreal Cologix, Equinix Airgate Technologies, Inc. Cogeco Peer 1, Rogers, Zirro
New York Equinix, Megaport Altice Business, Crown Castle, Spectrum Enterprise, Webair
Paris Equinix Proximus
Quebec City Megaport Fibrenoire
Sao Paula Equinix Venha Pra Nuvem
Seattle Equinix Alaska Communications
Silicon Valley Coresite, Equinix Cox Business, Spectrum Enterprise, Windstream, X2nsat Inc.
Singapore Equinix 1CLOUDSTAR, BICS, Epsilon Telecommunications Limited, LGA Telecom, United Information Highway (UIH)
Slough Equinix HSO
Sydney Megaport Macquarie Telecom Group
Tokyo Equinix ARTERIA Networks Corporation, BroadBand Tower, Inc.
Toronto Equinix, Megaport Airgate Technologies Inc., Beanfield Metroconnect, Cogeco Peer 1, IVedha Inc, Rogers, Thinktel, Zirro
Washington DC Equinix Altice Business, BICS, Cox Business, Crown Castle, Gtt Communications Inc, Epsilon Telecommunications Limited, Masergy, Windstream

ExpressRoute system integrators

Enabling private connectivity to fit your needs can be challenging, based on the scale of your network. You can work with any of the system integrators listed in the following table to assist you with onboarding to ExpressRoute.

Continent System integrators
Asia Avanade Inc., OneAs1a
Australia Ensyst, IT Consultancy, MOQdigital, Vigilant.IT
Europe Avanade Inc., Altogee, Bright Skies GmbH, Inframon, MSG Services, New Signature, Nelite, Orange Networks, sol-tec
North America Avanade Inc., Equinix Professional Services, FlexManage, Lightstream, Perficient, Presidio
South America Avanade Inc., Venha Pra Nuvem

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