Guide to migrating from PMC to Partner Center

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin

The Microsoft partner website at is a unified digital experience for partners. From the partner website, you will be able to explore your opportunities and engage in guided experiences that help your company build and sell your apps and services with Microsoft. Using the Dashboard link that's available across the partner website, members of the Microsoft Partner Network can sign in to the partner center where you manage your relationship with Microsoft, enroll in programs, and sign up for offers.

Partner Membership Center (PMC) is being decommissioned. Your company has been invited to transition your Microsoft Partner Network membership management to Partner Center. This guide will prepare you for what to expect as you make the move from PMC to Partner Center.


Even if your company has more than one account or location, the move to Partner Center begins by moving one (your first) account into Partner Center.

Get started

The move begins in PMC. Your global admin will get an invitation to begin the move.

Prepare in PMC

  • Verify your company details
  • Verify primary program contact
  • Verify business locations
  • Update your approved users

When you're ready

Select Get started on your invitation. You will be taken to the Partner Center sign-in page.

Get started

Start with your work email

If your company doesn't have a work email and AAD tenant, we can help you set one up during the Partner Center sign-in process. When you try to sign in with an email account that is not a work email, such as your personal account, you will be directed to provide information about your company so that we can set up an AAD tenant and work email. These company details will be used to finalize your account in Partner Center, so make sure they're accurate.


If you are a partner in China and enrolled in both the Microsoft Partner Network and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program you will have a separate tenant for each account. Your account with the Cloud Solution Provider Program is managed on the national cloud and your Microsoft Partner Network account is managed on the global cloud. The two accounts cannot be linked.

Tell us about your company

Once you have verified or updated the information, select Accept and continue. The Terms and Conditions on this page are exactly the same as the agreement which your company already signed in PMC.
This step initiates the creation of your Azure AD tenant and provides your with the work account.

Selecting Accept and continue also does the following:

  • Migrates your account along with ALL its locations to Partner Center

  • Migrates any competencies or MAPs you might have purchased in PMC

  • Migrates any marketing resources, offers, and programs (MAPs, Silver, Gold) which you had in PMC

Invite employees to join you

When your new Azure AD tenant is created, you can invite your employees to sign into Partner Center.

Invite employees

If you signed in with an existing AAD tenant, your employees will have moved with you. In this case, assign your employees roles which determine what they can do in Partner Center.


Roles in Partner Center are different than roles in PMC. For more information see Moving from PMC to Partner Center.

Verify your domain and become a global admin

If your AAD tenant is new, no one is assigned the role of global admin. To become the global admin, you need to verify your domain ownership. You may need the domain admin to help you with this.

While you can use the offers you've already purchased, you will not be able to purchase any new offers until you complete the step of assigning a global admin.

Take control

When you select get started, you will see the following screen:

Verify domain ownership

Your Domain registrar will already be filled in for you. Only the domain owner can update the DNS file, so by copying and adding the text file to your DNS record, we can verify that you are the owner. It will take a few minutes for the update to occur. You will need to sign out of Partner Center and then sign back in. Your role will have been changed to global admin.

Get acquainted with your dashboard and Partner Center

Take the tour of your dashboard. Here is where you can manage your membership, add a business profile for referrals, enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program, and see notifications and offers relevant to your business at any time by selecting Dashboard. You can also manage incentives, purchase at the marketplace, sign up for go-to-market services, and more.

Take the tour

Sign the Microsoft Partner Agreement

If you are an Indirect reseller, when you have set up your Partner Center account, you still need to officially enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program. To check your membership status, go to your Partner profile and confirm account type. Then enroll in CSP as an indirect reseller.

Once you have enrolled as an Indirect reseller, accept the CSP relationship request with your Indirect provider.

Next, accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement on the Partner Center dashboard overview using Global Admin credentials. Confirm that you’ve signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement on the Program Info section of Partner profile. Also, you will see a confirmation banner notification on the CSP Overview page.

Next steps