SQL database restore operation fails on Linux servers

This article helps you work around the problem where a SQL database restore operation fails on Linux servers.

Applies to:   SQL Server 2017 on Linux, SQL Server 2017 Developer Linux, SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Core Linux, SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Linux, SQL Server 2017 Standard Linux
Original KB number:   4519691


When you try to restore a SQL database on a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Linux server, the operation fails during the restore process and returns an error message that resembles the following:

MODIFY FILE encountered operating system error 31(A device attached to the system is not functioning.) while attempting to expand the physical file


This problem may occur because the hard disk has run out of space. On Linux servers, SQL Server does not check the available space before the operation starts.


To work around this problem, restore the database on a volume that has enough space.


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