Get help from a Microsoft reseller or partner


The information in this article is applicable to Business Voice without Calling Plan only. Before reading this article, check Country and region availability for Business Voice to see whether your country or region supports Business Voice with Calling Plan.

If your tenant is located in a country or region that supports Business Voice with Calling Plan, check out Set up Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Setting up Business Voice without Calling Plan requires the configuration of Phone System Direct Routing. Direct Routing enables interoperability between your on-premises telephone hardware; Microsoft Phone System, which is the core feature of Business Voice; and your third-party Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) provider. Because Direct Routing requires a deep understanding of Microsoft Phone System, PSTN connectivity, networking, and other technical skills, we recommend that you use a Microsoft partner or seller to set it up. Additionally, Business Voice without Calling Plan licenses are only available from Microsoft partners and resellers.

A Microsoft partner or reseller can:

  • Obtain the correct Business Voice licenses for your tenant and phone users
  • Help you understand the technical requirements for setting up Business Voice
  • Coordinate with your telephone provider to make sure your phone numbers are properly set up for use with Business Voice
  • Set up communication between your on-premises telephony hardware and Microsoft 365
  • Help you set up Business Voice features like Call Queues, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, and more

When contacting a Microsoft partner or reseller about setting up Business Voice without Calling Plan, you'll need to provide them with information such as:

  • How many users, phones, and other devices, will need to make and receive calls to and from external phone numbers
  • Details about your existing phone system
  • Details about your connection between your phone system and your PSTN provider
  • Your Internet connection
  • Unique design considerations about your organization such as the need to support call centers, phone system call menus (for example, press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Technical Support), conference rooms, phone kiosks, and so on.
  • How many locations your existing phone system supports and how connectivity is set up between them