Billing overview for Azure DevOps

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Set up billing when you need more than the free tier of resources in your organization, or to buy other features offered by Microsoft or other companies.

The free tier includes:

  • Five Azure DevOps users (Basic)
  • Free tier of Microsoft-hosted CI/CD (one concurrent job, up to 30 hours per month)
  • 2 GiB of Azure Artifacts storage
  • One self-hosted CI/CD concurrent job
  • 20,000 virtual user minutes of cloud-based load testing

All charges appear on your monthly Azure bill. Azure supports payment by credit card and invoiced billing through the Enterprise Agreement (EA), Cloud Solution Providers (CSP), and more.

Make some purchases for Azure DevOps Server on your monthly Azure bill.

All services are billed via Azure

During your first purchase for your organization, you're prompted to select the Azure subscription to use for billing. The subscription can be part of your Enterprise Agreement, Pay-As-You-Go, Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), or other types of Azure subscriptions. All services are billed via Azure. You aren't required to pay for or use any other Azure services.

The following links take you to the paid services that are offered by Microsoft:


The cloud-based load testing service is deprecated. More information about the deprecation, the service availability, and alternative services can be found here.

Enable paid usage via the Billing tab within Organization settings in Azure DevOps.


To estimate costs for Azure DevOps, see the Pricing calculator or the Azure DevOps pricing page.


To set up billing for the first time, you need the following permission and subscription:

To make changes afterward to the amount of paid resources, you only need to have access to the Azure subscription.

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