Client API grid context

Grids present data in a tabular format. Grids can span the entire form or can be one of the items on a form; the latter are called subgrids.

The Client API grid context object provides reference to a subgrid on a form against which the current code is executed.


Getting the context of a grid (spanning the entire form) is only supported in ribbon commands. More information: Form and grid context in ribbon actions

Use the formContext object to get an instance of the form where the code is executed, and then retrieve the subgrid control on the form. For example, when you know the name of a subgrid control (say Contacts subgrid in the default account form), you can access it using the following code:

function doSomething(executionContext) {
   var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext(); // get the form Context
   var gridContext = formContext.getControl("Contacts"); // get the grid context

   // Perform operations on the subgrid

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