Tools for developers using the Azure SDK for Go

To be effective at writing Go code and have it work seamlessly with Azure services, here are some recommended tools.

Azure CLI

The Azure CLI provides a command-line interface to create and configure Azure resources in your subscriptions. The CLI can help you get started building common and shared Azure resources quickly, so that you can focus on more complex usage of services. The CLI has query and filtering features so you can pipe output directly to your favorite command-line tools. The CLI is available for installation on your local system, as a Docker image, or through Azure Cloud Shell.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight editor that offers Go support. This extension offers features like autocomplete, impl templates, refactoring, and debugging. Visual Studio Code also offers support for in-editor access to source control, and extensions for working with Azure services.

CI/CD with Azure DevOps Project

Azure DevOps Project pipelines allow you to set up a continuous integration system for your Go applications. All it takes is a git repo, and you can deploy and test directly on Azure.

Dependency management with dep

The Azure SDK for Go uses dep for dependency management. The dep command allows you to pull and vendor requirements for your Go application, avoiding version conflicts and ensuring that your project works correctly.