IBuildEngine3.Yield Method


Informs the system that this task has a long-running out-of-process component and other work can be done in the build while that work completes.

 void Yield();
public void Yield ();
abstract member Yield : unit -> unit
Public Sub Yield ()


There is only one node (msbuild.exe process) per CPU. Only one project, target, and task can build at any time on a node. If a task is waiting, for example, for a spawned tool or some other event to complete, the task can call Yield, which returns immediately. This lets the node build a target in another project, if any are available. When the task is ready to continue, it should call Reacquire. As a rough rule, if a task expects that an operation will take more than 20 or 30 seconds, it can choose to call Yield before it starts the operation, and Reacquire when the operation is complete.

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