Customer account setup and management for reseller partners in Partner Center

Applies to

  • Partner Center
  • Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

Appropriate roles

  • Global admin
  • Admin agent
  • Sales agent
  • Helpdesk agent

As a reseller partner, you should make an account for each of your customers in the Partner Center. The customer account will be your starting point for selling subscriptions, billing, and providing support. You need to make a Partner Center account for each of your customers including customers you had prior to moving onto the Partner Center.

Resources for working with your customers on the Partner Center

To do this Read this to learn how Applies to
Get new customers Indirect resellers connect with indirect providers who will refer you to customers. You should make sure your business profile is up-to-date, too. When you and a customer have agreed to work together, add them to your account. Direct partners should read Request a relationship with a customer. CSP partners
Add existing customers to your account Customers you transact with on other portals such as Office 365 will appear in your customer list on the Partner Center. You will need to establish reseller relationships with other existing customers. To do so, you email them an invitation to connect with you on the Partner Center. CSP partners
End or reinstate a customer relationship Add or remove customers or end a customer relationship. CSP partners
Allow customers to buy their own services Give customers permission to buy their own products or services, such as buying their own Azure reservations from a prior subscription you have purchased for them. CSP partners