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Developing Accessible Web Applications

Developing Accessible Web Applications is a set of articles and samples meant to provide web developers, as well as others in the application development process, with the information needed to develop web applications that are accessible to all users. 

Introduction to ARIA

This topic introduces Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) markup. You learn how widgets, a term ARIA uses to describe HTML controls, are used to make accessible custom UI controls such as buttons and menus. You also learn how to use ARIA's landmark roles for navigation and live regions for dynamic content areas.

About Active Accessibility Support

This article provides an overview of Microsoft Active Accessibility SDK support provided by the MSHTML component of Windows Internet Explorer.

Accessibility property change events

Starting with Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer implements several custom Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) property change events that enable Windows Narrator and other assistive technologies to provide users with notifications for when an auto-correction occurs or Input Method Editor (IME) actions happen.

Accessible HTML Elements

This section contains reference articles for working with accessible objects and features in Internet Explorer.