DefaultWebOptions.OrganizeInFolder Property


True if all supporting files, such as background textures and graphics, are organized in a separate folder when you save the specified document as a Web page. False if supporting files are saved in the same folder as the Web page. The default value is True.

 property bool OrganizeInFolder { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool OrganizeInFolder { get; set; }
member this.OrganizeInFolder : bool with get, set
Public Property OrganizeInFolder As Boolean

Property Value



The new folder is created in the folder where you have saved the Web page and is named after the document. If long file names are used, a suffix is added to the folder name. The FolderSuffix property returns wither the folder suffix for the language support you have selected or installed or the default folder suffix.

If you save a document that was previously saved with the OrganizeInFolder property set to a different value, Microsoft Word automatically moves the supporting files into or out of the folder, as appropriate.

If you don't use long file names (that is, if the UseLongFileNames property is set to False), Word automatically saves any supporting files in a separate folder. The files cannot be saved in the same folder as the Web page.

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