SynonymInfo.PartOfSpeechList Property


Returns a list of the parts of speech corresponding to the meanings found for the word or phrase looked up in the thesaurus. The list is returned as an array of integers.

 property System::Object ^ PartOfSpeechList { System::Object ^ get(); };
public object PartOfSpeechList { get; }
member this.PartOfSpeechList : obj
Public ReadOnly Property PartOfSpeechList As Object

Property Value



The list of the parts of speech is returned as an array consisting of the following WdPartOfSpeech constants: wdAdjective, wdAdverb, wdConjunction, wdIdiom, wdInterjection, wdNoun, wdOther, wdPreposition, wdPronoun, and wdVerb. The array elements are ordered to correspond to the elements returned by the MeaningList property.

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