IDesignerSerializationService Interface


Provides an interface that can invoke serialization and deserialization.

public interface class IDesignerSerializationService
public interface IDesignerSerializationService
type IDesignerSerializationService = interface
Public Interface IDesignerSerializationService


This service provides methods to convert a collection of objects to a serializable object that represents them, and to convert serialization data to the object or objects that it represents.

All components that support a designer must support serialization of each component's type. This occurs when the designer scans the public properties, methods, and events of each type and represents these within a type descriptor.

This interface uses the technique of scanning members to convert a collection of components into a single object that supports run-time serialization. This does not necessarily provide for the serialization of custom types that belong to the class. Many objects require a custom serializer to have their values serialized at run time. To specify a serializer for a custom type, use a DesignerSerializerAttribute attribute or implement an IDesignerSerializationProvider.



Deserializes the specified serialization data object and returns a collection of objects represented by that data.


Serializes the specified collection of objects and stores them in a serialization data object.

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