ContentElement.AddToEventRoute(EventRoute, RoutedEventArgs) Method


Adiciona manipuladores ao EventRoute especificado para a coleção do manipulador de eventos ContentElement atual.Adds handlers to the specified EventRoute for the current ContentElement event handler collection.

 void AddToEventRoute(System::Windows::EventRoute ^ route, System::Windows::RoutedEventArgs ^ e);
public void AddToEventRoute (System.Windows.EventRoute route, System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs e);
member this.AddToEventRoute : System.Windows.EventRoute * System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs -> unit
Public Sub AddToEventRoute (route As EventRoute, e As RoutedEventArgs)



A rota de eventos à qual os manipuladores são adicionados.The event route that handlers are added to.


Os dados de evento usados para adicionar os manipuladores.The event data that is used to add the handlers. Esse método usa a propriedade RoutedEvent dos argumentos para criar os manipuladores.This method uses the RoutedEvent property of the arguments to create the handlers.


Use esse método para elementos de host de conteúdo (independentemente se eles implementam IContentHost) para adicionar manipuladores para os elementos filho do host de conteúdo ao EventRoutedo host.Use this method for content host elements (regardless whether they implement IContentHost) in order to add handlers for the content host child elements to the host EventRoute.

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