VariablePhotoSequenceCapture.UpdateSettingsAsync Method


Updates the frame control values of the variable photo sequence.

 virtual IAsyncAction ^ UpdateSettingsAsync() = UpdateSettingsAsync;
/// [Windows.Foundation.Metadata.RemoteAsync]
IAsyncAction UpdateSettingsAsync();
public IAsyncAction UpdateSettingsAsync();
function updateSettingsAsync()
Public Function UpdateSettingsAsync () As IAsyncAction



An asynchronous action.



This method allows you to efficiently perform multiple variable photo sequence captures with different sets of frame controller values. An instance of VariablePhotoSequenceController is initially obtained with a call to MediaCapture.PrepareVariablePhotoSequenceCaptureAsync. Frame controller values for each frame are registered by appending a FrameController to the DesiredFrameControllers collection. After making an initial variable photo sequence capture, you can change the values of the properties of the frame controllers in the DesiredFrameControllers collection and then call UpdateSettingsAsync to have the system register the new frame controller values with the driver.

This method has the following restrictions:

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