StorageLibrary.RequestAddFolderAsync Method


Prompts the user to select a folder, and then adds the folder to the library.

 virtual IAsyncOperation<StorageFolder ^> ^ RequestAddFolderAsync() = RequestAddFolderAsync;
IAsyncOperation<StorageFolder> RequestAddFolderAsync();
public IAsyncOperation<StorageFolder> RequestAddFolderAsync();
function requestAddFolderAsync()
Public Function RequestAddFolderAsync () As IAsyncOperation(Of StorageFolder)



When this method completes, it returns the folder that the user picked and added as a StorageFolder. If the user cancels the operation and doesn't pick a folder, the method returns null.


The file picker displayed lets user select only library-eligible locations. If there are pending suggestions a suggestion dialog will be shown instead of a folder picker.

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