List of all Logic Apps connectors

This page is a filtered version of the Connector reference overview page. Only connectors available in Logic Apps are shown.

You can select a connector to view more detailed connector-specific documentation including its functionality and region availability. You can also filter all connectors by a certain category. Note that filters do not stack and each link will take you to another page within the documentation site.

Please see details about all Logic Apps regions. All connectors are available in global regions. Availability in special regions is shown in the table below.

List of Connectors

Connector name Us Gov DoD China cloud
}exghts gen. Document & more }exghts gen. Document & more (Preview)
10to8 Appointment Scheduling 10to8 Appointment Scheduling (Preview)
365 Training 365 Training (Preview)
AccuWeather (Independent Publisher) AccuWeather (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Act! Act! (Preview)
Acumatica Acumatica (Preview)
Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Creative Cloud (Preview)
Adobe PDF Services Adobe PDF Services (Preview)
Adobe Sign Adobe Sign
Africa's Talking Airtime Africa's Talking Airtime (Preview)
Africa's Talking SMS Africa's Talking SMS (Preview)
Africa's Talking Voice Africa's Talking Voice (Preview)
AgilePoint NX AgilePoint NX (Preview)
Agilite Agilite (Preview)
Ahead Ahead (Preview)
airSlate airSlate (Preview)
Airtable (Independent Publisher) Airtable (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Alemba ITSM Alemba ITSM (Preview)
Aletheia Aletheia (Preview)
Ally Ally (Preview)
Almabase Almabase (Preview)
Amazon Redshift Amazon Redshift (Preview)
Amazon S3 Amazon S3
Amazon SQS Amazon SQS
Apache Impala Apache Impala (Preview)
Appfigures Appfigures (Preview)
AppsForOps Timeline AppsForOps Timeline (Preview)
Apptigent PowerTools Apptigent PowerTools (Preview)
Apptigent PowerTools LITE Apptigent PowerTools LITE (Preview)
Aquaforest PDF Aquaforest PDF (Preview)
Asana Asana
Asite Asite (Preview)
Asite (US Gov.) Asite (US Gov.) (Preview)
Assently E-Sign Assently E-Sign (Preview)
AtBot Admin AtBot Admin (Preview)
AtBot Logic AtBot Logic
AvePoint Cloud Governance AvePoint Cloud Governance
AWeber AWeber (Preview)
AXtension Content Gate AXtension Content Gate (Preview)
Azure AD Azure AD
Azure AD Identity Protection Azure AD Identity Protection (Preview)
Azure App Service Azure App Service
Azure Application Insights Azure Application Insights
Azure Automation Azure Automation
Azure Blob Storage Azure Blob Storage
Azure Communication Services SMS Azure Communication Services SMS (Preview)
Azure Container Instance Azure Container Instance
Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Data Explorer Azure Data Explorer (Preview)
Azure Data Factory Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Lake Azure Data Lake
Azure DevOps Azure DevOps
Azure Event Grid Azure Event Grid
Azure Event Grid Publish Azure Event Grid Publish
Azure File Storage Azure File Storage
Azure IoT Central V2 Azure IoT Central V2 (Preview)
Azure IoT Central V3 Azure IoT Central V3 (Preview)
Azure Key Vault Azure Key Vault
Azure Log Analytics [DEPRECATED] Azure Log Analytics [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
Azure Log Analytics Data Collector Azure Log Analytics Data Collector
Azure Monitor Logs Azure Monitor Logs
Azure Queues Azure Queues
Azure Resource Manager Azure Resource Manager
Azure Sentinel Azure Sentinel (Preview)
Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure Table Storage Azure Table Storage
Azure VM Azure VM
Basecamp 2 Basecamp 2 (Preview)
Basecamp 3 Basecamp 3 (Preview)
Benchmark Email Benchmark Email (Preview)
BillsPLS BillsPLS (Preview)
Bing Maps Bing Maps (Preview)
Bing Search Bing Search (Preview)
Bitbucket Bitbucket (Preview)
Bitly Bitly (Preview)
Bitvore Cellenus Bitvore Cellenus (Preview)
BizTalkServer BizTalkServer
Blackbaud Church Management Blackbaud Church Management (Preview)
Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT (Preview)
Blogger Blogger (Preview)
boomapp connect boomapp connect (Preview)
Box Box
bttn bttn (Preview)
Buffer Buffer (Preview)
Business Central Business Central (Preview)
Business Central (on-premises) Business Central (on-premises) (Preview)
Calendly Calendly (Preview)
Campfire Campfire (Preview)
CandidateZip Resume/Job Parser CandidateZip Resume/Job Parser (Preview)
Capsule CRM Capsule CRM (Preview)
Captisa Forms Captisa Forms (Preview)
CardPlatform Adaptive Cards CardPlatform Adaptive Cards (Preview)
Casper365 for Education Casper365 for Education (Preview)
CDK Drive Customer CDK Drive Customer (Preview)
CDK Drive Service Vehicles CDK Drive Service Vehicles (Preview)
Chainpoint Chainpoint (Preview)
Chatter Chatter (Preview)
cioplenu cioplenu (Preview)
Cisco Webex Meetings Cisco Webex Meetings (Preview)
CivicPlus Transform CivicPlus Transform (Preview)
ClickSend Postcards ClickSend Postcards (Preview)
ClickSend SMS ClickSend SMS (Preview)
Cloud BOT Cloud BOT (Preview)
Cloud Connect Studio Cloud Connect Studio (Preview)
Cloud PKI Management Cloud PKI Management (Preview)
Cloudmersive Barcode Cloudmersive Barcode (Preview)
Cloudmersive Currency Cloudmersive Currency (Preview)
Cloudmersive Data Validation Cloudmersive Data Validation (Preview)
Cloudmersive Document Conversion Cloudmersive Document Conversion (Preview)
Cloudmersive File Processing Cloudmersive File Processing (Preview)
Cloudmersive Image Processing Cloudmersive Image Processing (Preview)
Cloudmersive NLP Cloudmersive NLP (Preview)
Cloudmersive PDF Cloudmersive PDF (Preview)
Cloudmersive Security Cloudmersive Security (Preview)
Cloudmersive Video and Media Cloudmersive Video and Media (Preview)
Cloudmersive Virus Scan Cloudmersive Virus Scan (Preview)
Cognito Forms Cognito Forms (Preview)
Commercient Commercient (Preview)
Company Connect Company Connect (Preview)
Computer Vision API Computer Vision API
Connect2All Connect2All (Preview)
Connective eSignatures Connective eSignatures (Preview)
Content Conversion Content Conversion (Preview)
Content Moderator Content Moderator (Preview)
Corda Blockchain [DEPRECATED] Corda Blockchain [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
COSMO Bot COSMO Bot (Preview)
CPQSync CPQSync (Preview)
CQC Data (Independent Publisher) CQC Data (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
CRM Bot CRM Bot (Preview)
Custom Vision Custom Vision (Preview)
D&B Optimizer [DEPRECATED] D&B Optimizer [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
D7SMS D7SMS (Preview)
Data8 Data Enrichment Data8 Data Enrichment (Preview)
DataScope Forms DataScope Forms (Preview)
Derdack SIGNL4 Derdack SIGNL4 (Preview)
DeskDirector DeskDirector (Preview)
Discord (Independent Publisher) Discord (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Disqus Disqus (Preview)
DocFusion365 – SP DocFusion365 – SP (Preview)
DocJuris DocJuris (Preview)
Docparser Docparser (Preview)
Document AI Konfuzio Document AI Konfuzio (Preview)
Document Merge Document Merge (Preview)
DocumentsCorePack DocumentsCorePack (Preview)
Docurain Docurain (Preview)
DocuSign DocuSign
Dokobit Portal Dokobit Portal (Preview)
dox42 dox42 (Preview)
Dropbox Dropbox
Dynamic Signal Dynamic Signal (Preview)
Dynamics 365 (deprecated) Dynamics 365 (deprecated)
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Connector Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Connector (Preview)
Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Dynamics 365 Sales Insights
Dynamics NAV Dynamics NAV (Preview)
Easy Redmine Easy Redmine (Preview)
Easyvista Self Help Easyvista Self Help (Preview)
EasyVista Service Manager EasyVista Service Manager
Edifact Edifact
Eduframe Eduframe (Preview)
Egnyte Egnyte (Preview)
E-goi E-goi (Preview)
Eigen Events Eigen Events (Preview)
Elastic Forms Elastic Forms (Preview)
Elead Product Reference Data Elead Product Reference Data (Preview)
Elead Sales Customers Elead Sales Customers (Preview)
Elead Sales Opportunities Elead Sales Opportunities (Preview)
Elfsquad Data Elfsquad Data (Preview)
Elfsquad Product Configurator Elfsquad Product Configurator (Preview)
emfluence Marketing Platform emfluence Marketing Platform (Preview)
Enadoc Enadoc (Preview)
Encodian Encodian
Engagement Cloud Engagement Cloud (Preview) (Preview)
Entersoft Entersoft (Preview)
Envoy Envoy (Preview)
Ephesoft Semantik For Invoices Ephesoft Semantik For Invoices (Preview)
E-Sign E-Sign (Preview)
Ethereum Blockchain [DEPRECATED] Ethereum Blockchain [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
Etsy (Independent Publisher) Etsy (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Event Hubs Event Hubs
Eventbrite Eventbrite (Preview)
Evocom Evocom (Preview)
Excel Online (Business) Excel Online (Business)
Excel Online (OneDrive) Excel Online (OneDrive)
Expensya Expensya (Preview)
Expiration Reminder Expiration Reminder (Preview)
Face API Face API (Preview)
FHIRBase FHIRBase (Preview)
FHIRClinical FHIRClinical (Preview)
File System File System
Fin & Ops Apps (Dynamics 365) Fin & Ops Apps (Dynamics 365)
FireText FireText (Preview)
Flic Flic (Preview)
Flotiq headless CMS Flotiq headless CMS (Preview)
FlowForma FlowForma (Preview)
Form Recognizer Form Recognizer (Preview)
Formstack Documents Formstack Documents (Preview)
Formstack Forms Formstack Forms (Preview)
FreshBooks FreshBooks (Preview)
Freshdesk Freshdesk
Freshservice Freshservice (Preview)
GetAccept GetAccept (Preview)
GetMyInvoices GetMyInvoices (Preview)
GitHub GitHub
Gmail Gmail
GoFileRoom GoFileRoom (Preview)
Google Calendar Google Calendar
Google Contacts Google Contacts
Google Drive Google Drive
Google Sheets Google Sheets
Google Tasks Google Tasks
GoToMeeting GoToMeeting (Preview)
GoToTraining GoToTraining (Preview)
GoToWebinar GoToWebinar (Preview)
Gratavid Gratavid (Preview)
Gravity Forms by reenhanced Gravity Forms by reenhanced (Preview)
GroupMgr GroupMgr (Preview)
Harness PDFx Harness PDFx (Preview)
Harvest Harvest (Preview)
Hashify (Independent Publisher) Hashify (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
HelloSign HelloSign (Preview)
HipChat HipChat (Preview)
HitHorizons HitHorizons (Preview)
HotProfile HotProfile (Preview)
HouseRater QA HouseRater QA (Preview)
HR Cloud HR Cloud (Preview) (Preview)
HTTP with Azure AD HTTP with Azure AD
HubSpot CMS (Independent Publisher) HubSpot CMS (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
HubSpot CRM (Independent Publisher) HubSpot CRM (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
HubSpot Marketing (Independent Publisher) HubSpot Marketing (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Huddle Huddle (Preview)
Huddle for US Gov & Healthcare Huddle for US Gov & Healthcare (Preview)
Huddo Boards Huddo Boards (Preview)
HYAS Insight HYAS Insight (Preview)
IA-Connect Dynamic Code IA-Connect Dynamic Code (Preview)
IA-Connect Mainframe IA-Connect Mainframe (Preview)
IA-Connect Microsoft Office IA-Connect Microsoft Office (Preview)
IA-Connect SAP GUI IA-Connect SAP GUI (Preview)
IA-Connect Session IA-Connect Session (Preview)
IA-Connect UI IA-Connect UI (Preview)
IA-Connect Web Browser IA-Connect Web Browser (Preview)
iAuditor iAuditor (Preview)
IBM 3270 IBM 3270
ID Analyzer ID Analyzer (Preview)
Impexium Impexium (Preview)
Imprezian360-CRM Imprezian360-CRM (Preview)
IN-D Aadhaar Number Masking IN-D Aadhaar Number Masking (Preview)
IN-D Face Match IN-D Face Match (Preview)
IN-D Insurance (ICD10/CPT) IN-D Insurance (ICD10/CPT) (Preview)
IN-D KYC India IN-D KYC India (Preview)
IN-D Payables IN-D Payables (Preview)
Industrial App Store Industrial App Store (Preview)
Infobip Infobip
Informix Informix (Preview)
InfoShare InfoShare (Preview)
Infusionsoft Infusionsoft (Preview)
Inoreader Inoreader (Preview)
Insightly Insightly (Preview)
Instapaper Instapaper (Preview)
Integrable PDF Integrable PDF (Preview)
intelliHR intelliHR (Preview)
Intercom Intercom (Preview)
IPQS Fraud and Risk Scoring IPQS Fraud and Risk Scoring (Preview)
JIRA Search (Independent Publisher) JIRA Search (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
JotForm JotForm
JotForm Enterprise JotForm Enterprise
JungleMail 365 JungleMail 365 (Preview)
K2 Workflow K2 Workflow (Preview)
Kanban Tool Kanban Tool (Preview)
Kanbanize Kanbanize (Preview)
kintone kintone (Preview)
KnowledgeLake KnowledgeLake (Preview) (Preview)
Lasso X Lasso X (Preview)
LatinShare Documents LatinShare Documents (Preview)
LatinShare SHP Management LatinShare SHP Management (Preview)
LatinShare SHP Permissions LatinShare SHP Permissions (Preview)
Lawlift Lawlift (Preview)
LeadDesk LeadDesk (Preview)
LeanKit LeanKit (Preview)
LegalBot AI Tools LegalBot AI Tools (Preview)
Lettria GDPR Compliance Lettria GDPR Compliance (Preview)
LIFX LIFX (Preview)
LINK Mobility LINK Mobility (Preview)
LinkedIn [DEPRECATED] LinkedIn [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
LinkedIn V2 LinkedIn V2 (Preview)
LiveChat LiveChat (Preview)
LiveTiles Bots LiveTiles Bots
LMS365 LMS365
MailChimp MailChimp
MailParser MailParser (Preview)
Mandrill Mandrill
Marketing Content Hub Marketing Content Hub (Preview)
Marketo Marketo (Preview)
Mavim-iMprove Mavim-iMprove (Preview)
Medallia Medallia (Preview)
Medium Medium (Preview)
MeetingRoomMap MeetingRoomMap (Preview)
Metatask Metatask (Preview)
Microsoft 365 message center Microsoft 365 message center (Preview)
Microsoft Dataverse (legacy) Microsoft Dataverse (legacy)
Microsoft Defender ATP Microsoft Defender ATP
Microsoft Forms Microsoft Forms
Microsoft Graph Security Microsoft Graph Security (Preview)
Microsoft Kaizala Microsoft Kaizala (Preview)
Microsoft School Data Sync Microsoft School Data Sync (Preview)
Microsoft StaffHub [DEPRECATED] Microsoft StaffHub [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams
Microsoft To-Do (Business) Microsoft To-Do (Business)
Microsoft Translator [DEPRECATED] Microsoft Translator [DEPRECATED]
Microsoft Translator V2 Microsoft Translator V2
Mitto Mitto (Preview)
MobilyWS MobilyWS (Preview)
ModuleQ ModuleQ (Preview)
MotaWord Translations MotaWord Translations (Preview)
Motimate Motimate (Preview)
MSN Weather MSN Weather
Mtarget SMS Mtarget SMS (Preview)
Muhimbi PDF Muhimbi PDF
NetDocuments NetDocuments (Preview)
Nexmo Nexmo (Preview)
Nitro Nitro (Preview)
Notiivy Browser Notifications Notiivy Browser Notifications (Preview) (Preview)
Objective Connect Objective Connect (Preview)
Occuspace Occuspace (Preview)
Office 365 Groups Office 365 Groups
Office 365 Groups Mail Office 365 Groups Mail
Office 365 Outlook Office 365 Outlook
Office 365 Users Office 365 Users
Office 365 Video [DEPRECATED] Office 365 Video [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
OneBlink OneBlink (Preview)
OneDrive OneDrive
OneDrive for Business OneDrive for Business
OneNote (Business) OneNote (Business)
OpenText Content Server by One Fox OpenText Content Server by One Fox (Preview)
OpenText eDOCS by One Fox OpenText eDOCS by One Fox (Preview)
OptiAPI OptiAPI (Preview)
Oracle Database Oracle Database
Ordnance Survey Places Ordnance Survey Places (Preview) (Preview)
Outlook Tasks Outlook Tasks
PagerDuty PagerDuty (Preview)
Panviva Panviva (Preview)
Parserr Parserr (Preview)
Parseur Parseur (Preview)
Partner Center Events Partner Center Events (Preview)
Partner Center Referrals Partner Center Referrals (Preview)
Paylocity Paylocity (Preview)
PDF Blocks PDF Blocks (Preview)
PDF4me PDF4me (Preview)
PDF4me Connect PDF4me Connect (Preview)
PDF4me SwissQR PDF4me SwissQR (Preview)
Peltarion AI Peltarion AI (Preview)
Pilot Things Pilot Things (Preview)
Pinterest Pinterest (Preview)
Pipedrive Pipedrive (Preview)
PIPware KPIs PIPware KPIs (Preview)
Pitney Bowes Data Validation [DEPRECATED] Pitney Bowes Data Validation [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
Pitney Bowes Tax Calculator [DEPRECATED] Pitney Bowes Tax Calculator [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker (Preview)
Planner Planner
Plivo Plivo (Preview)
Plumsail Documents Plumsail Documents
Plumsail Forms Plumsail Forms
Plumsail HelpDesk Plumsail HelpDesk (Preview)
Plumsail SP Plumsail SP
Poka Poka
PoliteMail PoliteMail (Preview)
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Powell Teams Powell Teams (Preview)
Power BI Power BI
Power Form 7 Power Form 7 (Preview)
Power Query Dataflows Power Query Dataflows (Preview)
Power Virtual Agents Power Virtual Agents (Preview)
Priority Matrix Priority Matrix (Preview)
Project Online Project Online
Projectplace Projectplace (Preview)
Projectum Present It Projectum Present It (Preview)
ProjectWise Design Integration ProjectWise Design Integration (Preview)
Projectwise Share [DEPRECATED] Projectwise Share [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
Public 360 Public 360 (Preview)
PUG Gamified Engagement PUG Gamified Engagement (Preview)
Pure Leads Pure Leads (Preview)
Pushcut Pushcut (Preview)
QnA Maker QnA Maker (Preview)
RAPID Platform RAPID Platform (Preview)
Recorded Future Recorded Future (Preview)
Redmine Redmine (Preview)
RegoLink for Clarity PPM RegoLink for Clarity PPM (Preview)
Rencore Code Rencore Code (Preview)
Rencore Governance Rencore Governance (Preview)
Resco Cloud Resco Cloud (Preview)
ReversingLabs Intelligence ReversingLabs Intelligence (Preview)
RiskIQ RiskIQ (Preview)
RiskIQ Digital Footprint RiskIQ Digital Footprint (Preview)
RiskIQ PassiveTotal RiskIQ PassiveTotal (Preview)
Robolytix Robolytix (Preview)
Salesforce Salesforce
SAS Decisioning SAS Decisioning (Preview)
Scrive eSign Scrive eSign (Preview)
Secplugs Scan Secplugs Scan (Preview)
Secure Code Warrior (Independent Publisher) Secure Code Warrior (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Security Center Alert Security Center Alert
Security Center Recommendation Security Center Recommendation
Security Center Regulatory Compliance Security Center Regulatory Compliance (Preview)
SeeBotRun Link SeeBotRun Link (Preview)
SeekTable SeekTable (Preview)
Seismic Seismic (Preview)
SendGrid SendGrid
Sendmode Sendmode (Preview)
Serverless360 BAM & Tracking Serverless360 BAM & Tracking (Preview)
Service Bus Service Bus
Service Objects Service Objects (Preview)
ServiceNow ServiceNow
SerwerSMS SerwerSMS (Preview)
ShareEffect ShareEffect (Preview)
SharePoint SharePoint
Shifts for Microsoft Teams Shifts for Microsoft Teams
Short URL Short URL (Preview)
Showcase Workshop Showcase Workshop (Preview)
SigningHub SigningHub (Preview)
SignNow SignNow (Preview)
SignRequest SignRequest (Preview)
Skype for Business Online [DEPRECATED] Skype for Business Online [DEPRECATED] (Preview)
SkyPoint Cloud SkyPoint Cloud (Preview)
Slack Slack
Slascone Slascone (Preview)
Smarp Smarp (Preview)
SmartDialog SmartDialog (Preview)
Smartsheet Smartsheet
sms77io sms77io (Preview)
SMSLink SMSLink (Preview)
Soft1 Soft1 (Preview)
SparkPost SparkPost (Preview)
Spotify (Independent Publisher) Spotify (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
SQL Server SQL Server
StaffCircle StaffCircle (Preview)
Stormboard Stormboard (Preview)
Stripe Stripe
Survey123 Survey123
SurveyMonkey SurveyMonkey (Preview)
Tago Tago (Preview)
Tallyfy Tallyfy (Preview)
TDox TDox (Preview)
Teamwork Projects Teamwork Projects (Preview)
Telephony Xtended Serv Interf Telephony Xtended Serv Interf (Preview)
TeleSign SMS TeleSign SMS (Preview)
Teradata Teradata
Text Analytics Text Analytics (Preview)
Tilkee Tilkee (Preview)
timeghost timeghost (Preview)
Todoist Todoist
Toggl Plan (Independent Publisher) Toggl Plan (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
Toodledo Toodledo (Preview)
TPC Portal TPC Portal (Preview)
Traction Guest Traction Guest (Preview)
Transform2All Transform2All (Preview)
Trello Trello
TRIGGERcmd TRIGGERcmd (Preview)
Trustual Trustual (Preview)
Twilio Twilio
Twitter Twitter
TxtSync TxtSync (Preview)
tyntec 2FA tyntec 2FA (Preview)
tyntec Portability Check tyntec Portability Check (Preview)
tyntec SMS Business tyntec SMS Business (Preview)
tyntec Viber Business tyntec Viber Business (Preview)
tyntec WhatsApp Business tyntec WhatsApp Business (Preview)
Typeform Typeform (Preview)
Ubiqod by Skiply Ubiqod by Skiply (Preview)
UK Bank Holidays (Independent Publisher) UK Bank Holidays (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
UserVoice UserVoice (Preview)
Vantage 365 Imaging Vantage 365 Imaging (Preview)
Vena Solutions Vena Solutions (Preview)
Ventipix Asset and Inventory Ventipix Asset and Inventory (Preview)
Video Indexer (V2) Video Indexer (V2) (Preview)
Vimeo Vimeo (Preview)
Virus Total Virus Total (Preview)
Waaila Waaila (Preview)
Way We Do Way We Do (Preview)
Webex Webex (Preview)
WenDocs Linker WenDocs Linker (Preview)
What3Words (Independent Publisher) What3Words (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
WithoutWire Inventory Platform WithoutWire Inventory Platform (Preview)
Witivio Witivio (Preview)
Word Online (Business) Word Online (Business)
WordPress WordPress (Preview)
Workday HCM Workday HCM (Preview)
WorkPoint WorkPoint (Preview)
WorkSpan WorkSpan (Preview)
X12 X12
Xbridger Document Manager Xbridger Document Manager (Preview)
Xooa Blockchain Database Xooa Blockchain Database (Preview)
Xooa Blockchain Smart Contract Xooa Blockchain Smart Contract (Preview)
Xpertdoc Xpertdoc (Preview)
Yammer Yammer
Yeeflow Yeeflow (Preview)
Yeelight Yeelight (Preview)
Yelp (Independent Publisher) Yelp (Independent Publisher) (Preview)
YouTube YouTube
Zahara Zahara (Preview)
Zanran Scaffolder Zanran Scaffolder (Preview)
Zendesk Zendesk (Preview)
Zenkraft Zenkraft (Preview)
zReports zReports (Preview)