Manage apps created in your organization

If you're an Environment Admin, Office 365 Global Admin, or Azure Active Directory Tenant Admin, you can manage the apps created in your organization.

Admins can do the following from the PowerApps Admin center:

  • Add or change the users with whom an app is shared
  • Delete apps not currently in use
  • View the data sources used by an app


Manage an app

  1. Sign in to the Admin center at

  2. In the navigation pane, click or tap Environments, and then click or tap the environment that contains the app that you want to manage.

    If you don't see Environments in the navigation pane, that indicates you don't have a PowerApps Plan 2, Microsoft Flow Plan 2, or PowerApps Plan 2 trial license.

    File and Share

  3. On the Resources tab, click or tap Apps, and then click or tap the app that you want to manage.

    File and Share

    This takes you to the app Details page.

    File and Share

  4. Do any of the following:

    • Click or tap the trash can icon to delete the app.
    • View data connections, flows, and other details associated with the app.
    • Click or tap Share to view or modify the users with whom the app is shared.

Next steps

Check out other how-to guides to learn what else you can do from the PowerApps Admin center.