Write extensible forms


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is now being licensed as Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. For more information about these licensing changes, see Dynamics 365 Licensing Update.

Methods on forms

  • In general, the guidelines for writing extensible methods also apply to form methods.
  • Chain of Command (CoC) gives access to the form's non-private members, which are the same as the non-private members for classes.
  • CoC is enabled for nested classes. Therefore, methods that are defined in various levels on the form are extensible.


One limitation of methods on forms, that for form data source methods only methods that are defined in the kernel are enabled for extensions, i.e. methods defined on the form data source are not extensible. This will be available in an upcoming Platform Update.

Field groups

Consider using field groups whenever possible. In this way, independent software vendors (ISVs) can add their fields for free when they extend a field group.

Form controls

Moving around form controls could potentially cause a break if the controls are made non-extensible by moving.