Get started with Dynamics 365 Guides

So you’ve set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides using the Setup topic and you’re ready to get started. What do you do next? This topic provides some ideas to get you going.

Check out the demo

Dynamics 365 Guides provides a demo that showcases the value of the app for your company. This five-minute demo is useful for any type of Dynamics 365 Guides user, whether you're an author, operator, process engineer, or business decision maker. Use the demo to get a quick overview of how Dynamics 365 Guides works. You don't have to be online to use the demo.

To start the demo:

  1. Air tap the Dynamics 365 Guides tile.

    Dynamics 365 Guides logo

  2. Select the Try this demo button.

    Try the demo button

    The following sections provide a quick preview of what you'll see in the demo.

Find your way around

Try the hands-free interface to activate buttons, even when your hands are full. Gaze at the Next button to move forward in a guide, and the Back button to move backward.

Next and Back buttons

Step examples

Understand how steps can show safe procedures with 3D holograms and 2D photos.

Safe procedure examples

Experience step-by-step instructions that point to where the work takes place.

Dotted line examples

Check out our documentation and videos

The following table provides useful links to learn about the three basic things you can do with Dynamics 365 Guides: author a guide, operate a guide, or analyze a guide.

Task Online documentation Video(s)
Author a guide Authoring overview - Author on the PC
- Author on HoloLens
- Create a printed anchor
- Create a digital anchor
Operate a guide Operator's manual Operate a guide
Analyze guide usage Analyze a guide Analyze a guide

Not sure about a term? See our Glossary of terms.


To learn about new features in Dynamics 365 Guides, see our What's new page. To learn about new and upcoming Dynamics 365 Guides features, see our April 2019 release notes and 2019 release wave 2 plan. The release notes and release plan capture all the details, end-to-end, top-to-bottom, in a single place that you can use for planning.

Jump in

The best way to learn Dynamics 365 Guides is by doing, so here are some tips on getting started:

  • Watch the demo (see the first section in this topic).

  • Watch our overview video

  • Use the Example Guide:

    • We have included an Example Guide that you can use to learn about Dynamics 365 Guides. It walks you through common workflows and features, provides tips and tricks for great guide creation, and helps you get up to speed by doing.

      Example Guide

    • Put on your Microsoft HoloLens device, start the HoloLens app in Operate mode, and then select the Example Guide. Go through the guide step-by-step to learn about key features.

    • Edit the guide steps and assets using the PC authoring app, or place instructions or holograms using the HoloLens app in Author mode.

  • Create your first guide from scratch, try it out, and analyze it.

    • To create your first guide, find a simple step-by-step operation or assembly and a physical space for that operation or assembly that you have access to. We’ve created guides for operating a projector, pouring water into a glass, and making a bird house! Or use a real-world workflow in your business.

    • Build your first guide using 3D toolkit objects (included with Dynamics 365 Guides). Create your tasks and steps and assign 3D content in the PC app, and then move to the HoloLens app to place your holograms and add dotted holographic lines to connect the instruction cards to the physical spaces they relate to. Refer to the Authoring and Operating topics for help.

    • After you’ve created your guide, try it out in Operate mode to see how it works.

    • Analyze your usage of the guide with Power BI reports. See Analyze your guides for more information.

Need support?

If you run across an issue, check out our FAQ and Known Issues topics. If that doesn’t help, please contact Support. You can find information on contacting support in the FAQ.

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