Azure Media Services quotas and limits

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This article lists some of the most common Microsoft Azure Media Services limits, which are also sometimes called quotas.


For resources that aren't fixed, open a support ticket to ask for an increase in the quotas. Don't create additional Azure Media Services accounts in an attempt to obtain higher limits.

Account limits

Resource Default Limit
Media Services accounts in a single subscription 100 (fixed)

Asset limits

Resource Default Limit
Assets per Media Services account 1,000,000

Storage limits

Resource Default Limit
File size In some scenarios, there is a limit on the maximum file size supported for processing in Media Services. (1)
Storage accounts 100(2) (fixed)

1 The maximum size supported for a single blob is currently up to 5 TB in Azure Blob Storage. Additional limits apply in Media Services based on the VM sizes that are used by the service. The size limit applies to the files that you upload and also the files that get generated as a result of Media Services processing (encoding or analyzing). If your source file is larger than 260-GB, your Job will likely fail.

The following table shows the limits on the media reserved units S1, S2, and S3. If your source file is larger than the limits defined in the table, your encoding job fails. If you encode 4K resolution sources of long duration, you're required to use S3 media reserved units to achieve the performance needed. If you have 4K content that's larger than the 260-GB limit on the S3 media reserved units, open a support ticket.

Media reserved unit type Maximum input size (GB)
S1 26
S2 60
S3 260

2 The storage accounts must be from the same Azure subscription.

Jobs (encoding & analyzing) limits

Resource Default Limit
Jobs per Media Services account 500,000 (3) (fixed)
Job inputs per Job 50 (fixed)
Job outputs per Job 20 (fixed)
Transforms per Media Services account 100 (fixed)
Transform outputs in a Transform 20 (fixed)
Files per job input 10 (fixed)

3 This number includes queued, finished, active, and canceled Jobs. It does not include deleted Jobs.

Any Job record in your account older than 90 days will be automatically deleted, even if the total number of records is below the maximum quota.

Live streaming limits

Resource Default Limit
Live Events (4) per Media Services account 5
Live Outputs per Live Event 3 (5)
Max Live Output duration Size of the DVR window

4 For detailed information about Live Event limits, see Live Event types comparison and limits.

5 Live Outputs start on creation and stop when deleted.

Packaging & delivery limits

Resource Default Limit
Streaming Endpoints (stopped or running) per Media Services account 2
Premium streaming units 10
Dynamic Manifest Filters 100
Streaming Policies 100 (6)
Unique Streaming Locators associated with an Asset at one time 100(7) (fixed)

6 When using a custom Streaming Policy, you should design a limited set of such policies for your Media Service account, and re-use them for your StreamingLocators whenever the same encryption options and protocols are needed. You should not be creating a new Streaming Policy for each Streaming Locator.

7 Streaming Locators are not designed for managing per-user access control. To give different access rights to individual users, use Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions.

Protection limits

Resource Default Limit
Options per Content Key Policy 30
Licenses per month for each of the DRM types on Media Services key delivery service per account 1,000,000

Support ticket

For resources that are not fixed, you may ask for the quotas to be raised, by opening a support ticket. Include detailed information in the request on the desired quota changes, use-case scenarios, and regions required.
Do not create additional Azure Media Services accounts in an attempt to obtain higher limits.

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