AgentSubSystem Enum


Since proxy accounts are tightly coupled with SQL Agent subsystems and we don't have a special SubSystem object, but rather an enum. The values of this enum must match the service_id value from the engine

public enum AgentSubSystem
type AgentSubSystem = 
Public Enum AgentSubSystem


ActiveScripting 2

ActiveX Scripting

AnalysisCommand 10

SQL Servier Analysis Services Command

AnalysisQuery 9

SQL Server Analysis Services query

CmdExec 3

Operating system (CmdExec)

Distribution 6

Replication Distributor

LogReader 5

Replication Transaction-Log reader

Merge 7

Replication Merge

PowerShell 12

PowerShell subsystem

QueueReader 8

Replication Queue Reader

Snapshot 4

Replication snapshot

Ssis 11

SQL Server Integration Services package

TransactSql 1

Starting from 1 since that's how sp_enum_sqlagent_subsystems returns it Transact-SQL script (T-SQL)

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