PemEncoding Class


Provides methods for reading and writing the IETF RFC 7468 subset of PEM (Privacy-Enhanced Mail) textual encodings. This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class PemEncoding abstract sealed
public static class PemEncoding
type PemEncoding = class
Public Class PemEncoding



Finds the first PEM-encoded data.

GetEncodedSize(Int32, Int32)

Determines the length of a PEM-encoded value, in characters, given the length of a label and binary data.

TryFind(ReadOnlySpan<Char>, PemFields)

Attempts to find the first PEM-encoded data.

TryWrite(ReadOnlySpan<Char>, ReadOnlySpan<Byte>, Span<Char>, Int32)

Tries to write the provided data and label as PEM-encoded data into a provided buffer.

Write(ReadOnlySpan<Char>, ReadOnlySpan<Byte>)

Creates an encoded PEM with the given label and data.

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