SqlDataSourceView.ExecuteInsert(IDictionary) Method


Performs an insert operation using the InsertCommand SQL string, any parameters that are specified in the InsertParameters collection, and the values that are in the specified values collection.

 override int ExecuteInsert(System::Collections::IDictionary ^ values);
protected override int ExecuteInsert (System.Collections.IDictionary values);
override this.ExecuteInsert : System.Collections.IDictionary -> int
Protected Overrides Function ExecuteInsert (values As IDictionary) As Integer



An IDictionary of values used with the InsertCommand property to perform the insert database operation. If there are no parameters associated with the query or if the InsertCommand property is not a parameterized SQL query, pass null.



A value that represents the number of rows inserted into the underlying database.


The SqlDataSource cannot establish a connection with the underlying data source.

The current user does not have the correct permissions to gain access to the database.

The CanInsert property is false.


The SqlDataSourceView class implements the inherited ExecuteInsert method to insert data into a database. Page developers and data-bound control authors do not call the ExecuteInsert method directly; instead, use the publicly exposed Insert method.

Before the insert operation is performed, the OnInserting method is called to raise the Inserting event. You can handle this event to examine the values of the parameters and to perform any preprocessing before an insert.

To perform an insert operation, the SqlDataSourceView object builds a DbCommand object using the InsertCommand text and any associated InsertParameters properties, and then executes the DbCommand object against the underlying database. After the insert completes, the OnInserted method is called to raise the Inserted event. You can handle this event to examine any return values and error codes and to perform any post-processing.

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