Exercise - Create recurring flows


In this unit, you'll learn how to build prescheduled flows by using a trigger called recurrence. You'll build a flow for the Contoso marketing team that automatically pulls customer email addresses from a Microsoft Excel workbook on Microsoft OneDrive. You'll then set up the flow so that, once a day, any new email addresses that were added to the workbook are added to a MailChimp customer list.


For this scenario, you will need to make an Excel file with a table that contains the following columns: ContactEmail, FirstName, and LastName. Save the Excel file in OneDrive for Business. You'll connect to this file in step 9.

Create a scheduled flow

  1. Sign in to Power Automate by using your organizational account.

  2. Select My flows.

  3. Select New, and then select Scheduled cloud flow.

  4. Name your flow and under Run this flow set the flow to repeat every one Day.

  5. Select Create.

    Screenshot of Build a scheduled flow with the frequency and interval set to Repeat every 1 Day and the Create button highlighted.

  6. Select New step, to add an action.

  7. In the search field, enter excel, select the Excel Online (Business) service, and then select the List rows present in a table action.

  8. In the File name field, select the folder button, and then select the Excel file to use.

  9. In the Table name box, select the drop-down arrow, and then browse to and select the worksheet to use.

    Screenshot of List rows present in a table with the Excel workbook file and worksheet selected.

  10. Select New step, and then select Add an action.

  11. In the search field, enter chimp, select the MailChimp service, and then select the MailChimp - Add member to list action.


    MailChimp is a premium connector. Depending on your Power Automate license, you might need to sign up for a trial to use this connector. A MailChimp account is required to complete the folowing steps.

  12. In the List Id field, select the desired MailChimp mailing list. In the Status field, select subscribed.

  13. In the Email Address field, use the dynamic content feature to add the ContactEmail field.

    Notice that the flow automatically creates another step. Flow detects that you're setting up an action that requires another action. Whenever the flow reads a new email address, it will also create a new action for each row.

  14. Use the dynamic content feature to fill in the First name and Last name fields.

    Screenshot of the Dynamic content menu being used to set the first and last names.

And there you have it!

This flow will now run once a day, get the new rows from the Excel worksheet, grab the email address and name from each row, and enter the email address and name in the Contoso MailChimp mail list, saving you both time and money.