Примеры сообщений электронной почты и опросов для обновления основных средств связиSample emails and surveys for Upgrade Basic communications

Примеры сообщений электронной почтыSample emails

Адрес электронной почты заинтересованных лиц (этап 1)Stakeholder email, for step 1

Строка темы:Subject line:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Regarding Skype for Business

Текст сообщения:Body of email:

As Microsoft [announced](https://blogs.office.com/2017/09/25/a-new-vision-for-intelligent-communications-in-office-365/) in September 2017, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams will be coming together into one solution. Teams builds on the great capabilities of Skype for Business and offers chat (IM), meetings, audio/video calling, file management, and a project workspace in one collaboration tool.

Microsoft has indicated that Teams now has key capabilities that meet our communication needs. To take full advantage of this new solution, we will be transitioning users from Skype for Business to Teams over the next 30 days. Our official transition date is <<insert X date>>, after which Teams will be our communications and collaboration service, and Skype for Business will be decommissioned for our organization.

Microsoft has provided an upgrade checklist outlining the essential tasks we should take to facilitate this transition. If you’re listed on the To line, you’re a key stakeholder in executing a successful transition to Teams and I may be reaching out for assistance. In the interim, let me know if you have any questions.

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Уведомление пользователей по электронной почте для шага 4Notify users email, for step 4

Строка темы:Subject line:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Regarding Skype for Business

Текст сообщения:Body of email:

From instant messaging to meetings to audio calling, we understand how much you rely on technologies like Skype for Business to get your job done. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be transitioning to Microsoft Teams, which provides one solution for your communication and collaboration needs. Teams leverages much of what you know and love about Skype for Business and expands what’s possible, integrating chat (IM), online meetings, calling, file management and a project workspace all into one interface.

When is this transition happening?

Our official transition to Teams is set for <<X date>>, but your journey starts today. We understand that change takes time and want to ensure you have what you need to be successful while minimizing disruption to your daily routine. Over the next few weeks, you’ll receive a series of emails with step-by-step activities to help you prepare for the transition to Teams. You’ll also see a notification in your Skype for Business client, notifying you of this pending upgrade.

CALL TO ACTION: Get started with Teams today

- View this [Introducing Microsoft Teams video](https://teamsdemo.office.com/)
- Follow these [Quick Start](https://support.office.com/article/download-and-install-microsoft-teams-422bf3aa-9ae8-46f1-83a2-e65720e1a34d) steps to send your first chat in Teams

If you have questions or need help, please reach out to <<insert company support information>>.

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Напоминать пользователям о почтовых сообщениях (шаг 6)Remind users email, for step 6

Строка темы: НАПОМИНАНИе: подготовка к переходу на TeamsSubject line: REMINDER: Get ready for your upgrade to Teams

ACTION REQUIRED: Host your next online meeting in Teams

Текст сообщения:Body of email:

We’re just <<X weeks/days>> away from the transition to Microsoft Teams and want to make sure that you’re ready. Online meetings are part of our everyday life, so take time this week to get acquainted with online meetings in Teams. Complete the following steps for the smoothest experience:

CALL TO ACTION: Make your next online meeting a Teams meeting

- Follow [these steps](https://support.office.com/article/get-your-team-together-for-better-meetings-71e3858c-7e5f-4ad7-bb67-c77d80237e96) to host your first Teams meeting.
- Begin rescheduling recurring Skype for Business meetings in Teams.
- Make every new online meeting a Teams meeting.

What will happen to my Skype for Business meetings after we move to Teams?

Your Skype for Business meetings will continue to work. However, if you want all meetings to be in Teams, you’ll have to cancel existing meetings and reschedule them in Teams.

Tip: If you need assistance with scheduling meetings, T-Bot can help! In the Teams client, simply go to the Chat tab, select New chat, and type T-Bot in the To line. Type "schedule a meeting" (without the quotation marks), and T-Bot will guide you through the steps.

Should you have questions about this upgrade, contact <<insert alias or contact info>>.

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Добро пожаловать в адрес электронной почты пользователей из спонсора руководителя (шаг 7)Welcome users email from the executive sponsor, for step 7

Строка темы:Subject line:

PLEASE READ: Skype for Business is now Microsoft Teams

Текст сообщения:Body of email:

Let me be the first to officially welcome you to Microsoft Teams. Your Skype for Business client will be decommissioned, and Teams is your default application for chat and meetings. In case you missed it, let’s review what Microsoft Teams can do for you:

- Offers familiar Skype for Business chat and meeting features to maintain a consistent feel.
- Simplifies communication with a centralized contact list and persistent chat tracking for quick access to your conversations.
- Saves time by providing a single location for your project notes, Office documents, team members, conversations AND meetings.
- Alleviates the frustration of trying to find that lost email attachment, by storing and accessing files in one place
- Makes communication more fun and personal with customizable memes and Giphys.

CALL TO ACTION: If you need assistance getting started in Teams:

- View this Introducing Microsoft Teams video: https://teamsdemo.office.com/
- Visit the Microsoft 365 or Office 365 Training Center, or simply ask T-Bot.

Should you have questions about Teams, contact <<insert alias or contact info>>.


<<insert executive sponsor name>>

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Возврат сообщения электронной почты для шага 9Check-in email, for step 9

Строка темы:Subject line:

ACTION REQUESTED: Tell us about your Microsoft Teams experience

Текст сообщения:Body of email:

We upgraded to Microsoft Teams just over a week ago and want to hear from you.

Share your feedback (see sample below) and transition experience with us. Your information will be used to ensure you have what you need to use Teams moving forward, and help us better prepare for upgrades like this in the future. This survey will be open until <<x date>> and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Should you have questions, contact <<insert alias or contact info>>.

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Адрес электронной почты, с помощью которого пользователи могут придать группам и каналам попытки (шаг 10)Email to ask users to give teams and channels a try, for step 10

Строка темы:Subject line:

CALL TO ACTION: Give teams and channels a try

Текст сообщения:Body of email:

Now that you’re up and running with Microsoft Teams, learn what else Teams can do for you. More than just enabling chat and meetings, Teams serves as a hub for teamwork—where you can chat, collaborate, and share content with the people you work with. Using the teams and channels functionality enables you to organize your projects and conversations in a way that works for you.

CALL TO ACTION: Give teams and channels a try

- Learn about [teams and channels](https://support.office.com/article/learn-about-teams-and-channels-5e4fd702-85f5-48d7-ae14-98821a1f90d3).
- [Create a team](https://support.office.com/article/video-teams-and-channels-c3d63c10-77d5-4204-a566-53ddcf723b46) for a current project or initiative.

Tip: The best use of the Teams workspace comes when the right people join the right team. Work with your manager or colleagues to optimize the use of teams and channels.

Should you have questions, contact <<insert alias or contact info>>.

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Примеры опросовSample surveys

Укажите, как квалифицировано выполнение указанных ниже действий в Teams, и если вы хотите узнать больше о том, какие действия вы хотели бы изучить.Indicate how skilled you are at performing the following activities in Teams and if there are one or more activities that you’d like to learn more about.

  Очень квалифицированныйVery skilled У вас есть опытSomewhat skilled Не квалифицированоNot skilled at all Хотите узнать большеWant to learn more НедоступноN/A Не знаете и не знакомыUnsure/not familiar
Использование Teams для обмена мгновенными сообщениями и общения с другими пользователямиUse Teams for IM/chatting with others
Использование Teams для собраний по сетиUse Teams for online meetings
Использование Teams для совместной работы (групп и каналов)Use Teams for collaboration (teams and channels)
Использование Teams на мобильном устройствеUse Teams on my mobile device
Что, если что-то не мешает вам пользоваться Microsoft Teams?What, if anything, is preventing you from using Microsoft Teams? Выберите все применимыеSelect all that apply
Я никогда не слышал о немI’ve never heard about it
На компьютере не установлено приложениеI don’t have it installed on my computer
Я не понимаю, как это может принести помощь или люди, с которыми он работаетI don't understand how it would benefit me or the people I work with
У меня не было времени для оценки своих потребностейI haven't had time to evaluate it for my needs
Я уже использую другие приложения, которые отвечают вашим требованиям для общения и совместной работы.I already use other applications that meet my needs for communication and collaboration
Мне потребуются учебные курсы, прежде чем использовать ееI would need training before using it
Я попытался использовать его, но у вас возникли технические проблемы или плохое качество работы.I’ve tried to use it, but had technical issues or a bad experience
В нашей службе поддержки не удалось получить ответы на мои вопросыOur support desk couldn't help me with my questions
Ничего, сейчас я используюNothing, I currently use it
Другие (пожалуйста, укажите)Other (please specify)

Какова вероятность того, что вы порекомендуете Microsoft Teams для друзей и коллег? (от 0 до всего... 10 = очень часто)How likely are you to recommend Microsoft Teams to a friend/colleague? (0=Not at all likely...10=Extremely likely)

до0 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 No88 @9 5-1010

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