Integrating Your Applications with the Windows 7 Desktop to Simplify User Experiences

About This Video

This session describes the new APIs that enable integration with the latest Windows Desktop features. Learn about new extensibility methods to surface your application's key tasks. Discover how enhancements to the taskbar, Start menu, and thumbnails and their Desktop elements provide new ways for you to please your users. This talk is a must for application developers who want to provide the best user experience for their applications on Windows 7.

Speaker's Bio

Yochay Kiriaty
Yochay Kiriaty is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft who focuses on Windows 7. He has more than a decade of experience in software development and management. Yochay is the public face of the Windows 7 Blog for Developers, which recently became part of the Windows Blog. Yochay has written several MSDN articles and co-authored Introduction to Windows 7 for Developers and Learning Windows Phone. Earlier in his career, he wrote and taught academic computer science courses at several universities.

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