Пример метода Find (Visual Basic)Find Method Example (VB)

В этом примере используется метод Find объекта Recordset для поиска и подсчета количества названий бизнес-объектов в базе данных pubs .This example uses the Recordset object's Find method to locate and count the number of business titles in the Pubs database. В этом примере предполагается, что базовый поставщик не поддерживает аналогичные функции.The example assumes the underlying provider does not support similar functionality.

    'To integrate this code  
    'replace the data source and initial catalog values  
    'in the connection string  
Public Sub Main()  
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler  
     ' connection and recordset variables  
    Dim Cnxn As New ADODB.Connection  
    Dim rstTitles As New ADODB.Recordset  
    Dim strCnxn As String  
    Dim strSQLTitles As String  
     ' record variables  
    Dim mark As Variant  
    Dim count As Integer  
     ' open connection  
    Set Cnxn = New ADODB.Connection  
    strCnxn = "Provider='sqloledb';Data Source='MySqlServer';" & _  
        "Initial Catalog='Pubs';Integrated Security='SSPI';"  
    Cnxn.Open strCnxn  
    ' open recordset with default parameters which are  
    ' sufficient to search forward through a Recordset  
    Set rstTitles = New ADODB.Recordset  
    strSQLTitles = "SELECT title_id FROM titles"  
    rstTitles.Open strSQLTitles, Cnxn, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText  
    count = 0  
    rstTitles.Find "title_id LIKE 'BU%'"  
    Do While Not rstTitles.EOF  
        'continue if last find succeeded  
        Debug.Print "Title ID: "; rstTitles!title_id  
        'count the last title found  
        count = count + 1  
        ' note current position  
        mark = rstTitles.Bookmark  
        rstTitles.Find "title_id LIKE 'BU%'", 1, adSearchForward, mark  
        ' above code skips current record to avoid finding the same row repeatedly;  
        ' last arg (bookmark) is redundant because Find searches from current position  
    Debug.Print "The number of business titles is " & count  
    ' clean up  
    Set rstTitles = Nothing  
    Set Cnxn = Nothing  
    Exit Sub  
    ' clean up  
    If Not rstTitles Is Nothing Then  
        If rstTitles.State = adStateOpen Then rstTitles.Close  
    End If  
    Set rstTitles = Nothing  
    If Not Cnxn Is Nothing Then  
        If Cnxn.State = adStateOpen Then Cnxn.Close  
    End If  
    Set Cnxn = Nothing  
    If Err <> 0 Then  
        MsgBox Err.Source & "-->" & Err.Description, , "Error"  
    End If  
End Sub  

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