Create a team with guests

Try it!

You can use Microsoft Teams to work together on a project with your employees and people outside the business, like your clients.

  1. In Teams, choose Teams in the left navigation, and then choose Create team.

  2. In the Create your team box, enter a team name, provide a short description, choose a privacy setting, and then choose Next.

  3. In the Add members box, enter the names of other employees in your organization. For outside guests, enter their email address.

    If you get a message that you can't add a guest, visit the Teams and Skype admin center to turn on guest access.

  4. Choose Add , and then choose Close.

  5. At the bottom of the page, enter a short welcome message to your new team, and then choose Send .

Your client will receive an email invitation from Teams, which will inform them that they need a free Microsoft account to join the team. They can create an account using their existing email address by following the instructions provided. They can then use Teams on the web or install the Teams app on their computer.