IEndpointSwitch IEndpointSwitch IEndpointSwitch IEndpointSwitch Interface


Represents the switching of a web service endpoint for an organization from a primary URL to an alternate URL.

public interface class IEndpointSwitch
public interface IEndpointSwitch
type IEndpointSwitch = interface
Public Interface IEndpointSwitch


AlternateEndpoint AlternateEndpoint AlternateEndpoint AlternateEndpoint

Gets the alternate web service endpoint for accessing an organization, if one exists.

EndpointAutoSwitchEnabled EndpointAutoSwitchEnabled EndpointAutoSwitchEnabled EndpointAutoSwitchEnabled

Gets or sets whether automatic switching from the current endpoint of the web service to an alternate endpoint is enabled.

IsPrimaryEndpoint IsPrimaryEndpoint IsPrimaryEndpoint IsPrimaryEndpoint

Gets whether the organization’s current endpoint is the primary endpoint.

PrimaryEndpoint PrimaryEndpoint PrimaryEndpoint PrimaryEndpoint

Gets the primary web service endpoint for accessing an organization.


CanSwitch(Uri) CanSwitch(Uri) CanSwitch(Uri) CanSwitch(Uri)

Checks if the specified endpoint URI is different from the organization’s alternate endpoint URI.

HandleEndpointSwitch() HandleEndpointSwitch() HandleEndpointSwitch() HandleEndpointSwitch()

Fires the EndpointSwitchRequired event, then if EndpointAutoSwitchEnabled is true, switches the organization’s endpoints by calling SwitchEndpoint().

SwitchEndpoint() SwitchEndpoint() SwitchEndpoint() SwitchEndpoint()

Switches the organization’s current endpoint to an alternate endpoint.


EndpointSwitched EndpointSwitched EndpointSwitched EndpointSwitched

Notification event that a failover has completed and the organization’s current endpoint has been switched to an alternate endpoint.

EndpointSwitchRequired EndpointSwitchRequired EndpointSwitchRequired EndpointSwitchRequired

Notification event that a failover has occurred and a switch from the organization’s current endpoint to an alternate endpoint is required.

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