IssuerEndpoint IssuerEndpoint IssuerEndpoint IssuerEndpoint Class


Represents an issuer endpoint.

public ref class IssuerEndpoint sealed
public sealed class IssuerEndpoint
type IssuerEndpoint = class
Public NotInheritable Class IssuerEndpoint


IssuerEndpoint() IssuerEndpoint() IssuerEndpoint() IssuerEndpoint()

Initializes a new instance of the IssuerEndpoint class.


CredentialType CredentialType CredentialType CredentialType

Gets or sets the type of credentials the endpoint supports.

IssuerAddress IssuerAddress IssuerAddress IssuerAddress

Gets or sets the actual URL that provides authentication for a particular credential type.

IssuerBinding IssuerBinding IssuerBinding IssuerBinding

Gets or sets the binding information used to construct a channel to the issuer endpoint from a client.

IssuerMetadataAddress IssuerMetadataAddress IssuerMetadataAddress IssuerMetadataAddress

Gets or sets the URL that provides metadata about the set of issuer endpoints hosted by a Secure Token Service (STS).

TrustVersion TrustVersion TrustVersion TrustVersion

Gets or sets the WS-Trust standard, either 1.3 or 2005, that is supported on the endpoint.

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