Schedule a Teams meeting with external users

You can invite people from outside of your organization to a meeting without having to add them to Microsoft Teams. Here's how it works for your customers or partners when they join a meeting without a Teams account.

Try it!

To schedule meetings with your employees, clients, External users and other guests, use Microsoft Teams.

  1. In Microsoft Teams, in the left navigation, choose Meetings.
  2. Choose Schedule a meeting.
  3. In the New meeting box, enter a Title and Location for the meeting.
  4. Enter a Start and End time and date.
  5. In the Details box, enter a description of the meeting and any other details you want to add, such as a meeting agenda.
  6. Under Invite people, enter the names of employees or clients that you want to invite.
  7. If you see Tentative or Busy below any names, choose one of the Free times provided, or click Scheduling assistant for more options.
  8. Choose Schedule a meeting.