Setup for manager and leader insights

Confirm the following prerequisites and then ask your Teams Service Admin to deploy the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams for you and your team. Because personal, manager, and leader insights require the same admin tasks, see Admin tasks for the required steps.

Prerequisites for manager insights

For access to the My team page in the Viva Insights app in Teams, confirm you meet the following prerequisites:

  • Manager access - Ask if your Viva Insights admin has Manager settings turned On.
  • Licensed team - The members of your team are assigned licenses for Viva Insights and are included in the reporting hierarchy that leads to you as their manager.
  • Minimum team size - Your team structure meets the minimum group size of 10 or more measured and licensed employees (including you as their manager).

Prerequisites for leader insights

To view the My organization page in the Viva Insights app in Teams, confirm the following prerequisites.

  • Licensed organization - The members of your organization are assigned licenses for Viva Insights, including yourself as an organizational business leader.
  • Insights Business Leader role - Ask your Microsoft 365 admin to assign you the Insights Business Leader role in the Microsoft 365 admin center. See Assign admin roles for detailed instructions.

Install and pin the app

To install and pin the Viva Insights app for yourself, see Install and pin the app. However, if you're an admin installing the Viva Insights app for an organization, see Admin tasks.


You can also locate the Viva Insights app at