Classic Metadirectory Walkthrough

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

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The goal of the fictional scenario and walkthrough described here is to ensure that all of the directory information maintained in a number of diverse, separate systems is synchronized and that the information is correct. This scenario and walkthrough describes how to build a Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 (MIIS 2003) infrastructure that will make the identity information in these diverse data sources consistent throughout an enterprise.

Before beginning this scenario, become familiar with the basic concepts of MIIS 2003.

In This Walkthrough

  1. Scenario Design

    Describes the fictional company and the specific directory problem you solve in the scenario. This section provides a high-level conceptual and procedural overview of how MIIS 2003 facilitates data flow between connected data sources and Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003.

  2. Lab Setup

    Lists the hardware and software requirements for the scenario walkthrough procedures. Includes detailed instructions for setting up the different connected data sources, as well as setting up MIIS 2003.

  3. Implementation Steps

    Provides a procedural walkthrough for building the MIIS 2003 management agents (MAs) used to develop the MIIS 2003 infrastructure in the scenario.

  4. Administering MIIS 2003 Infrastructure

    Provides common administrative tasks related to maintaining the MIIS 2003 infrastructure in the scenario.