Jenkins plug-ins for Azure

Many Azure services and features are accessible via Jenkins plug-ins. These services support an array of possibilities regarding continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) for your DevOps environment. Click on any of the Jenkins plug-ins to learn more about that plug-in.

Jenkins plug-in Description
Azure App Service plug-in Jenkins plugin to deploy an Azure App Service (currently supports only Web App).
Azure AD plug-in Jenkins plugin that supports authentication & authorization via Azure Active Directory.
Azure Artifact Manager plug-in Azure Artifact Manager plugin is an Artifact Manager that allows you store your artifacts into Azure Blob Storage. Azure Artifact Manager plugin works transparently to Jenkins and your jobs, it is like the default Artifact Manager.
Azure Container Agents plug-in Azure Container Agents plugin can help you to run a container as an agent in Jenkins
Azure Container Registry Task plug-in Jenkins plugin to send a docker-build request to Azure Container Registry.
Azure Container Service plug-in Jenkins plugin to deploy configurations to Azure Container Service (AKS).
Azure Credential plug-in Jenkins plugin to manage Azure credentials.
Azure Function plug-in Jenkins plugin to deploy an Azure Function.
Azure IoT Edge plug-in Azure IoT Edge plugin makes it easy to set up a CI/CD pipeline for developing an IoT Edge solution on Jenkins.
Azure Service Fabric plug-in Jenkins plugin for Linux Azure Service Fabric projects.
Azure Storage plug-in plugin for uploading build artifacts to, or downloading build dependencies from, Microsoft Azure Blob storage.
Azure VM agents plug-in Jenkins plugin to create Jenkins agents in Azure virtual machines (via Azure Resource Manager template).
Azure virtual machine scale set plug-in Jenkins plugin to deploy VM images to Azure virtual machine scale sets.