Offer listing best practices

This article gives suggestions for creating and engaging commercial marketplace offers. The following tables outline best practices for completing offer information in Partner Center. For an analysis of how your offers are performing, go to the Marketplace Insights dashboard in Partner Center.

Storefront offer details

Storefront setting Best practice
Offer Name Provide a strong title:
  • Your app name should communicate the core value for your customers.
  • Include search keywords in your app title to receive higher ranking in search engine results.
Follow a set title format for consulting service listings:
[Offer Name: [Duration] [Offer Type] (for example, Contoso: 2-Week Implementation)

Adhere to brand guidelines:
Follow Microsoft Trademark and Brand Guidelines and other relevant, product-specific guidelines when you refer to Microsoft trademarks and the names of Microsoft software, products, and services.
Offer Description Provide a clear offer description:
  • Clearly describe your offer's value proposition in the first few sentences of your description.
  • Keep in mind that the first few sentences might be displayed in search engine results.
  • Do not rely on features and functionality to sell your product. Instead, focus on the value you deliver.
  • Use industry-specific vocabulary or benefit-based wording as much as possible.
  • Additionally, Consulting Service listings must clearly state the professional service you provide.
Core components of your value proposition should include the following information:
  • Description of the product.
  • Type of user that benefits from the product.
  • Customer need or pain that the product addresses.

The tables in this section provide suggestions for creating and engaging marketplace offers. To write and configure your marketing materials, go to the Partner Center.

Storefront listing details

Storefront setting Best practice
Industries: Microsoft AppSource apps and consulting services only Select industries if your offer addresses industry-specific needs:
  • Call out industry-specific capabilities in your offer description.
Note: The maximum number of options varies by offer type and is indicated in Partner Center.
Categories Select categories that align best with your offer:
  • Choose the categories carefully, because customers use them to search for relevant apps.
  • Be sure to call out how your offer supports category-specific needs in the offer description.
Note: The maximum number of options varies by offer type and is indicated in Partner Center.
Products that your app works with (3 max): AppSource apps only List additional products and technologies that your solution uses or extends. For example, Azure IoT Hub or Azure Machine Learning.
Search keywords (3 max) Search keywords can help business users find your offer when they search
  • on Microsoft AppSource
  • in Azure Marketplace
  • using search engines
For your listing to appear in these searches, you need to:
  • Identify the top three search keywords for your offer;
  • incorporate the search keywords in your offer summary and description;
  • list the search keywords here.


Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace are storefronts that serve different and unique customer requirements. Choose the right storefront and categories for each offer to target your customers by role.

You may select up to two categories and two subcategories for an offer. The categories and subcategories listed below are available in both storefronts. Make sure your category selection is aligned with the intended audience, offer description, and value proposition of your offer.

Industry Subindustry
*Automotive *Automotive
Agriculture *Other - Unsegmented
Distribution *Wholesale
*Parcel & Package Shipping
Education *Higher Education
*Primary & Secondary Education / K-12
*Libraries & Museums
Financial Services *Banking & Capital Markets
Government *Defense & Intelligence (used to be called National and Public Security)
*Public Safety & Justice
*Civilian Government
Healthcare (used to be called Health) *Health Payor
*Health Provider
Manufacturing & Resources (used to be called Manufacturing) *Chemical & Agrochemical
*Discrete Manufacturing
Retail & Consumer Goods (used to be called Retail) *Consumer Goods
*Media & Communications (used to be called Media and Entertainment) *Media & Entertainment
Professional Services *Legal
*Partner Professional Services
*Architecture & Construction (used to be called Architecture Engineering) *Other - Unsegmented
*Hospitality & Travel *Hotels & Leisure
*Travel & Transportation
*Restaurants & Food Services
*Other Public Sector Industries *Forestry & Fishing
*Real Estate *Other - Unsegmented


Industry selection applies only for offers published to AppSource and Consulting Services published in Azure Marketplace. Select industries and/or verticals if your offer addresses industry-specific needs, calling out industry-specific capabilities in your offer description. You can select up to two (2) industries and two (2) verticals per industry selected.

Applicable products

Select the applicable products your app works with for the offer to show up under selected products in AppSource.

Search keywords

Keywords can help customers find your offer when they search. Identify the top search keywords for your offer, incorporate them in your offer summary and description as well as in the keyword section of the offer listing details section.

Storefront marketing details

Storefront setting Best practice
Offer logo (PNG format, 48 × 48): search page Design and optimize your logo for a digital medium:
Upload the logo in PNG format to the search page of your offer.
Offer logo (PNG format, 216 × 216): app details page Design and optimize your logo for a digital medium:
Upload the logo in PNG format to the app details listing page of your offer.
"Learn more" documents Include supporting sales and marketing assets under "Learn more," some examples are:
  • white papers,
  • brochures,
  • checklists, or
  • PowerPoint presentations.
Save all files in PDF format. Your goal here should be to educate customers, not sell to them.

Add a link to your app landing page to all your documents and add URL parameters to help you track visitors and trials.
Videos: AppSource, consulting services, and SaaS offers only The strongest videos communicate the value of your offer in narrative form:
  • Make your customer, not your company, the hero of the story.
  • Your video should address the principal challenges and goals of your target customer.
  • Recommended length: 60-90 seconds.
  • Incorporate key search words that use the name of the videos.
  • Consider adding additional videos, such as a how-to, getting started, or customer testimonials.
Screenshots (1280 × 720) Add up to five screenshots:
Incorporate key search words in the file names.

When you link from the AppSource or Azure Marketplace badge on your site to your listing in the marketplace, you can support strong analytics and reporting by including the following query parameters at the end of the URL:

  • src: Include the source from which the traffic is routed to AppSource (for example, website, LinkedIn, or Facebook).
  • mktcmpid: Your marketing campaign ID, which can contain up to 16 characters in any combination of letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens (for example, blogpost_12).

The following example URL contains both of the preceding query parameters:

By adding the parameters to your AppSource URL, you can review the effectiveness of your campaign in the analytics dashboard in Partner Center.

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