Arka uç hizmetine özellik ekleme

Bu makalede, bir arka uç hizmetine nasıl özellik ekleneceğini gösteren bir Azure API yönetim ilkesi örneği gösterilmektedir. Örneğin, hava durumu tahmini API'sinde enlem ve boylam yerine bir yer adını kabul edin. Bir ilke kodu ayarlamak veya düzenlemek için, Ilke ayarlama veya düzenlemebölümünde açıklanan adımları izleyin. Diğer örnekleri görmek için bkz. ilke örnekleri.


Kodu gelen bloğa yapıştırın.

<!-- The policy defined in this file shows how to use a few policies to add a capability to a backend service. -->

<!-- API was used as a backend service in this example. The snippet contains enough information for reconstituting the setup and testing the policy. -->
<!-- The snippet shows how to accept a name of the place instead of latitude and longitude in a weather forecast API. -->

<!-- Copy the following snippet into the inbound section and look at the trace window to see it work. -->

    <base />
    <!-- Check if lat/long has already been cached for this place and fetch it into a variable. -->
    <cache-lookup-value key="@(context.Request.MatchedParameters.GetValueOrDefault("place="""))" variable-name="latlong"/>

    <!-- If no lat/long found, use external API to get lat/long of the place and cache it. -->
      <when condition="@(!context.Variables.ContainsKey("latlong="""))">

        <!-- Lookup lat/long for the place. -->
        <send-request mode="new" response-variable-name="response" timeout="10" ignore-error="false">
            var code = context.Request.MatchedParameters.GetValueOrDefault("place");
            var key = "{{google-geo-api-key}}";
            return $"{code}&key={key}";

        <!-- Extract a JSON object containing lat/long from the response and serialize it into a variable. -->
        <set-variable name="latlong" value="@(((IResponse)context.Variables["response="""]).Body.As<JObject>

          <!-- Cache lat/long for a an hour (coould be for much longer of course, since places don't move very often). -->
          <cache-store-value key="@(context.Request.MatchedParameters.GetValueOrDefault("latlong="""))" value="@((string)context.Variables["latlong="""])" duration="3600"/>

    <!-- Change forwarding URL to the form expected by the backend, i.e. containing the key and lat/lng.  -->
    <rewrite-uri template="@{
            var loc = JObject.Parse((string)context.Variables["latlong=""

    <base />
    <base />
    <base />

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