Ticari Market Analytics genel soruları

Bu makalede, Iş Ortağı Merkezi 'nde analiz iletileri hakkında sıkça sorulan sorular ele alınmaktadır.

Why am I unable to view my analytics data in Partner Center?

When I access the analytics pages, I see the following message.

No data for your offers yet.

Why you may be seeing this message:

  • No acquisitions currently exist for your published offers in the commercial marketplace. This can mean that your offers are live in the commercial marketplace and customers are viewing your product listing pages, but customers haven't yet taken action to purchase and deploy them.
  • Your offer might be in the process of being published but isn't live yet. Only live offers can be acquired by customers. To check the status of your offers, see the Summary page in the Analyze dashboard. For more information, see Summary dashboard in commercial marketplace analytics.
  • Your offers may be listed as Contact Me, which are list-only offers and cannot be purchased by customers in the commercial marketplace. Although these offers generate leads and are shared with you, orders aren't created for these offers as they cannot be purchased. To check your offer listing type, go to the setup page for your offer.

I know I have analytics data, so why does the No Analytics Available message appear?

No data for your offers yet.

Why you might be seeing this message:

  • If you're receiving this message, it means you have analytics data but there isn't data for the computation period that you have selected. Select a different computation period or month range to view any data since 2010.
  • If you have selected one or more categories from the various dimensions in the filter selection, you may not have analytics data for the selection. Try resetting the filter or make different selections from the filter.

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