Release notes for Microsoft Edge Stable Channel

These release notes provide information about new features and non-security updates that are included in the Microsoft Edge Stable Channel. All the security updates are listed here.

Version 83.0.478.45: June 4

Security updates are listed here

Version 83.0.478.44: June 1

Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Version 83.0.478.37: May 21

Security updates are listed here

Feature updates

  • Microsoft Edge updates will now roll out gradually. Going forward, updates for Microsoft Edge will be rolled out to our users over a period of a few days. This enables us to protect more of you from accidental buggy updates, which improves your update experience. As a user you will continue to get seamless auto-updates. If your organization isn't enrolled for auto-updates you won't be affected by this change. To learn more, see the progressive rollouts article.

  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen improvements: Made several improvements to the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen service, such as improved protection from malicious sites that redirect when loading, and top-level frame blocking, which completely replaces malicious sites with the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen safety page. The top-level frame blocking prevents audio and other media from the malicious site from playing which gives an easier and less confusing experience.

  • In response to user feedback, users can now exempt certain cookies from automatically clearing when the browser closes. This option is helpful if there's a site that users don't want to be signed out of, but still want to have all the other cookies cleared when the browser closes. To use this feature, go to edge://settings/clearBrowsingDataOnClose and enable the "Cookies and other site data" toggle.

  • Automatic Profile Switching is now available to help you get to your work content more easily across profiles. If you use multiple profiles at work, you can check it out by navigating to a site requiring authentication from your work or school account while on your personal profile. When we detect this, you will receive a prompt to switch to your work profile to access that site without having to authenticate to it. When you choose the work profile you want to switch to, the website will simply open in your work profile. This profile switching capability will help you keep your work and personal data separate and help you get to your work content more effortlessly. If you don't want the feature to prompt you to switch profiles, you can choose the don't ask me again option and it will get out of your way.

  • Collections feature improvements:

    • You can use drag and drop to add an item to a collection without opening the collection. During the drag and drop you can also choose a location in the collection list where you want to put the item.
    • You can add multiple items to a collection instead of adding one item at a time. To add multiple items, select the items and then drag them to a collection. Or you can select the items, right-click and then pick the collection where you want the items.
  • You can add all the tabs in an Edge window into a new collection without adding them individually. To do this, right-click on any tab and choose "Add all tabs to a new collection".

  • Extension sync is now available. You can now sync your extensions across all your devices! Extensions from both the Microsoft and Chrome Stores will sync with Microsoft Edge. To use this feature: Click the ellipses () on the menu bar, select Settings. Under Your profile, click Sync to see the Sync options. Under Profiles/Sync use the toggle to enable Extensions. You can use the SyncTypesListDisabled group policy to disable syncing of extensions.

  • Improved the message on the Downloads management page for insecure downloads that have been blocked.

  • Immersive Reader improvements:

    • Added support for Adverbs in the Parts of Speech experience we have in Immersive Reader. While reading an article within the Immersive Reader, open the Grammar Tools and switch on Adverbs within Parts of Speech to highlight all the adverbs on the page.
    • Added the ability to select any content on a webpage and open it in Immersive Reader. This ability enables users to use the Immersive Reader and all the Learning Tools, such as Line Focus and Read Aloud, across all websites.
  • Link doctor provides host correction and a search query to the users when they mistype a URL. For example:
    A user mistypes "powerbi as "powerbbi".com. Link doctor will suggest "powerbi".com as a correction and create a link to search for "powerbbi" in case the user is looking for something different.

  • Allow users to save their decision to launch an external protocol for a specific site. Users can configure the ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox policy to enable or disable this feature.

  • Users can set Microsoft Edge as their default browser directly from Microsoft Edge Settings. This makes it easier for users to change their default browser, within the context of the browser itself, instead of having to search through the operating system settings. To use this feature, go to edge://settings/defaultBrowser and click Make default.

  • Several DevTools updates, including new remote debugging support, UI improvements, and more. For more details, see What's New In DevTools (Microsoft Edge 83).

  • MCAS (Microsoft Cloud Access Security) warn scenario is now available. This enables admins to set up warn, a new category of MCAS blocks, where the user can override a MCAS block page. MDATP E5 blocks are natively integrated with SmartScreen blocks in Microsoft Edge for a seamless experience. This experience allows for a full page red block with the message "This website is blocked by your organization", instead of just a toast notification.

  • Disallow synchronous XmlHttpRequest in page dismissal. Sending of synchronous XmlHttpRequests during unload of a webpage will be removed. This change improves browser performance and reliability, but may impact web applications that have not yet been updated to use more modern web APIs, including sendBeacon and fetch. The Group Policy to disable this change and permit synchronous XHR during page dismissal will be available until Microsoft Edge 88. For more information, see Site compatibility-impacting changes coming to Microsoft Edge.

Policy updates

New policies

15 new policies were added. Download the updated Administrative Templates from the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page. The following new policies were added.

Deprecated policy

The following policy will continue to work in this release. It will become "obsolete" in a future release.

EnableDomainActionsDownload Enable Domain Actions Download from Microsoft

Version 81.0.416.77: May 18

Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Version 81.0.416.72: May 7

Security updates are listed here

Version 81.0.416.68: April 29

Security updates are listed here

Version 81.0.416.64: April 23

Security updates are listed here

Version 81.0.416.58: April 17

Security updates are listed here

Version 81.0.416.53: April 13

Security updates are listed here

Feature updates

  • Added support for Windows Information Protection (WIP), which helps enterprises protect sensitive data from unauthorized disclosure. Learn More.

  • Collections is now available. To get started, click the Collections icon next to the address bar. This action opens the Collections pane where you can create, edit, and view Collections. We designed Collections based on what you do on the web. If you're a shopper, a traveler, a teacher, or a student, Collections can help. Learn more.

  • Allow the removal (Hide from toolbar) of the Collections button from the Microsoft Edge toolbar for consistency.

  • On-prem Active Directory account auto sign in will only be targeted to organizations that turn it on. If users were already signed in with an on-prem AD account, they will be able to sign out of it. Users will only be automatically signed in with the primary account on their operating system if it's an MSA or an Azure AD account. Admins can enable auto sign in with an on-prem AD account using the ConfigureOnPremisesAccountAutoSignIn policy.

  • Application Guard. Extensions support now available in the container.

  • Added a message to inform users that Internet Explorer isn't installed when they navigate to a page that's configured to open in Internet Explorer mode.

  • Updated the 3D View tool in Microsoft Edge DevTools with a new feature to help debug z-index stacking context. 3D View shows a representation of the DOM (Document Object Model) depth using color and stacking, and the z-Index view helps you isolate the different stacking contexts of your page. Learn more.

  • The F12 Dev tools are localized in 10 new languages, so they will match the language used in the rest of the browser. Learn more.

  • Added support for Dolby Vision playback. On Dolby Vision-enabled Windows 10 Build 17134 (April 2018 Update), websites can show Dolby vision content. See how to enable Dolby Vision content from Netflix.

  • Microsoft Edge can now identify and remove duplicate favorites and merge folders with the same name. To access the tool, click the star on the browser's toolbar and select "Remove duplicate favorites". You can that confirm changes and any updates to your favorites will be synced across devices.

  • We heard from users it can be difficult to distinguish a normal browsing window in dark theme from an InPrivate window since both window frames are dark. The new solid InPrivate blue pill in the top right corner helps reassure users they are browsing InPrivate.

  • Open external links in the correct browser profile. Select a default profile for links opened for external apps to open in from edge://settings/multiProfileSettings.

  • Added a warning that alerts users who sign into a browser profile with an account after being previously signed in with another account. This warning will help prevent unintentional data merging.

  • If you have payment cards saved in your Microsoft account, you can use them in Microsoft Edge while filling out payment forms. The cards in your Microsoft account will sync across desktop devices and the full details will be shared with the website after two-factor authentication (CVC code and your Microsoft identity.) For further convenience, you can choose to securely save a copy of the card on the device during authentication.

  • Line Focus is designed for users who like to focus on a limited part of the content as they read. It lets users keep the focus on one, three, or five lines at a time and dims out the rest of the page to let users read without distraction. Users can scroll using touch or arrow keys and the focus shifts accordingly.

  • Microsoft Edge is now integrated with Windows Speller on Windows platforms 8.1 and above. This integration provides greater language support, with access to more language dictionaries and the ability to use Windows custom dictionaries. There's no further action needed from the users when a language has been added in the OS language settings. Also, a language spellcheck toggle is enabled in Microsoft Edge settings.

  • When PDF documents are opened using Microsoft Edge, users will now be able to create highlights, change color, and delete highlights. This feature helps in referencing important parts of the document later, and for collaboration.

  • When loading long PDF documents that have been optimized for web, the pages being viewed by the user will be loaded faster, parallelly, while the rest of the document is loading.

  • Now it's easier to start the Immersive Reader for a website by just pressing the F9 key.

  • Now it's easier to start Read Aloud by using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + U).

  • Added an MSI command line parameter that lets you suppress Desktop icon creation when you install Microsoft Edge. The following example shows how to use this new parameter:
    MicrosoftEdgeEnterpriseX64.msi DONOTCREATEDESKTOPSHORTCUT=true
    There will be a group policy to support this functionality in an upcoming release.

Policy updates

New policies

11 new policies were added. Download the updated Administrative Templates from the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page. The following new policies were added.

Policy name and caption changes

The policy OmniboxMSBProviderEnabled is changed to AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled - The caption for the policy is "Enable Microsoft Search in Bing suggestions in the address bar".

Deprecated policies

The following policies continue to work in this release. They will become "obsolete" in a future release.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where IE mode on Microsoft Edge caused an ongoing download dialog to show even after the file was downloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge was dropping session cookies when a page already in IE mode triggered to open a new IE mode tab.

Version 80.0.361.111: April 7

Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Version 80.0.361.109: April 1

Security updates are listed here

Version 80.0.361.69: March 19

Security updates are listed here

Version 80.0.361.66: March 4

Security updates are listed here

Version 80.0.361.62: February 25

Security updates are listed here

Version 80.0.361.57: February 20

Security updates are listed here

Version 80.0.361.56: February 19

Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Version 80.0.361.54: February 14

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where Password, Payment, and Cookies fail to get imported in Microsoft Edge.

Version 80.0.361.50: February 11

Fixed various bugs and performances fixes.

Version 80.0.361.48: February 7

Security updates are listed here

Feature updates

  • Added SmartScreen protection from downloading potentially unwanted apps. Learn more
  • Added support for Dolby Vision playback.
  • Enabled users of Windows Mixed Reality to view 360° videos on VR headsets.
  • Added an option to Reading View to increase text spacing.
  • Added support for erasing link using the Surface Pen eraser.
  • Added support for using the arrow keys and spacebar to draw on feedback screenshots in editor mode.
  • Improved the reliability of screenshots so they stop appearing all black when submitting feedback.
  • Added dark theme support to the local new tab page that is shown when the device isn't connected to the internet.
  • Added the ability for websites that are installed as apps to be restored when a browser session is restored after an update, crash, and so on.
  • Added dark theme support to PDF UI when the browser is managed by Group Policy.
  • Updated Adobe Flash to version Learn more

Policy updates

New policies

16 new policies were added. Download the updated Administrative Templates from the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page. The following new policies were added.

Deprecated policies

The following policy was deprecated.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue where audio isn't working in Citrix environment.
  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Edge and legacy Microsoft Edge side-by-side experience results in broken legacy links and crashes.

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