Collection.IList.Remove(Object) Method


Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the Collection object.

 virtual void IListRemove(System::Object ^ value) = System::Collections::IList::Remove;
void IList.Remove (object value);
abstract member IListRemove : obj -> unit
override this.IListRemove : obj -> unit
Sub IListRemove (value As Object) Implements IList.Remove



The Object to remove from the Collection object.


The Collection object is read-only.


The Collection object has a fixed size.


In collections of contiguous elements, such as lists, the elements that follow the removed element move up to occupy the vacated spot. If the collection is indexed, the indexes of the elements that are moved are also updated. This behavior does not apply to collections where elements are conceptually grouped into buckets, such as a hash table. If value is not found in the Collection object, the Collection object remains unchanged and no exception is thrown.

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