Integrate Customer Engagement with OneNote

Set up OneNote Integration in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement so that a dedicated OneNote notebook is automatically created for the selected entity records in Customer Engagement. This feature provides you the ability to easily take notes in the context of a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (on-premises) record in various formats such as pictures, drawings, formatted text (bullet points and tables), and voice recordings in a OneNote notebook. You can access the OneNote notebook directly on the activity wall in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement web client or from the record form in the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement mobile apps.


This feature was introduced in Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1, and is available only for Customer Engagement.

Developers can enable or detect OneNote Integration for an entity in Customer Engagement using the IsOneNoteIntegrationEnabled attribute. OneNote integration can only be enabled for an entity when both the following are true:

  • Server-based SharePoint integration is enabled between your Customer Engagement and SharePoint Online instances. OneNote Integration is supported only for SharePoint Online. More information: Configure server-based authentication with Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online

  • Document management is enabled for the entity. More information: Enable Document Management for Entities

    By default, OneNote integration is enabled for the following entities: Account, Lead, Opportunity, and Product.

    You must also ensure that the activity feed wall is enabled for an entity to be able to see and use the OneNote file for the entity record. For more information about configuring activity feeds wall, see Configure Activity Feeds.

    You can use the SharePointDocumentLocation.LocationType attribute to identify if the location for an entity record points to a SharePoint folder or to an OneNote notebook. This attribute can have the following values:

Attribute Value Description
SharePointDocumentLocation.LocationType - 0: General
- 1: Dedicated for OneNote Integration
- Points to a SharePoint folder
- Points to a OneNote notebook

You cannot manually create an instance of SharePointDocumentLocation with the value of the LocationType attribute as 2. It is automatically created for an entity record when you enable OneNote integration for it.

An entity record in Customer Engagement can at most have one location record that points to OneNote notebook. A OneNote notebook is automatically created for a record the first time you select the OneNote tab in the activities area in Customer Engagement. The notebook is stored in the associated SharePoint document location record folder for the record. If there is more than one associated folders, the notebook is created in the first folder. Section groups are not supported in OneNote files in Customer Engagement. For more information about using the OneNote integration feature, see Set up and use OneNote in CRM.

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