onPremisesProvisioningError resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Represents directory synchronization errors for the user, group and orgContact resources when synchronizing on-premises directories to Azure Active Directory.


Property Type Description
category String Category of the provisioning error. Note: Currently, there is only one possible value. Possible value: PropertyConflict - indicates a property value is not unique. Other objects contain the same value for the property.
occurredDateTime DateTimeOffset The date and time at which the error occurred.
propertyCausingError String Name of the directory property causing the error. Current possible values: UserPrincipalName or ProxyAddress
value String Value of the property causing the error.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "category": "String",
  "occurredDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "propertyCausingError": "String",
  "value": "String"