App Center Product Roadmap


Since we're updating our roadmap on an almost daily basis now, and directly involving our customers (and potential customers) in the product planning process, we moved our product roadmap to the App Center GitHub Repo. Please read below to learn more, or just jump into the repo to see what our plans are.

In order to more actively engage with our customers (both existing and potential), we moved our public roadmap to the App Center GitHub repository. In our new roadmap, you’ll see a list of planned enhancements to the product’s current feature set, plus new services we’re planning or thinking of adding.

Each feature exists as an issue in the repository, linked to the iteration plan (or plans) where we reference the feature. For new features, or updates to existing features, that have a user interface (UI), we’ll also publish mock-ups of our proposed UI in the issue. There’s no guarantee that everything will make it in to App Center, but you’ll know how we’re thinking.

Your comments on the Iteration Plan and Features enable us to create an open dialog with existing and potential customers. You’ve had this communication channel all along, through the support chat button on every App Center page, but this makes the whole conversation open and public, and lets others see the feedback you share.

Got a feature request and don’t know what to do with it? Add it as a feature to the repository. Found a bug? Tell us about it. Like to change how a feature works? Let us know. See someone else’s feature or comment that looks interesting? Give it a Thumbs Up or a +1 so we know you agree. With that in mind, be sure to search the existing issues first before adding a new one to help us avoid duplicates.

The GitHub repository is not where you'll get product support. When you have issues, problems, or questions about App Center and how App Center works – use the blue chat button found on the bottom of every App Center page. Our dedicated and helpful support team is there, waiting to answer your questions and help you solve your problems.