部署 Microsoft 365 企业版Deploy Microsoft 365 for enterprise

Microsoft 365 企业版是本地和基于云的生产力应用和服务与 Windows 10 企业版的组合:Microsoft 365 for enterprise is a combination of local and cloud-based productivity apps and services with Windows 10 Enterprise that:

  • 具有智能安全性。Has intelligent security.
  • 集成式,更简单。Is integrated for simplicity.
  • 激发创造力。Unlocks creativity.
  • 专用于团队合作。Is built for teamwork.

可通过包含一流安全服务和功能的集成方式部署基础结构和生产力工作负载,将这些优势变成现实。You can realize these benefits by deploying the infrastructure and productivity workloads in an integrated way that includes state-of-the-art security services and features.

部署 Microsoft 365 企业版的三种主要方式如下:There are three main ways to deploy Microsoft 365 for enterprise:

FastTrack for Microsoft 365FastTrack for Microsoft 365

FastTrack 的优势在于持续且可重复(可作为订阅的一部分免费提供),由 Microsoft 工程师提供以帮助你按自己的节奏移动到云。FastTrack is an ongoing and repeatable benefit—available for free as part of your subscription—that is delivered by Microsoft engineers to help you move to the cloud at your own pace. 此外,FastTrack 还可使你根据需要访问合格的合作伙伴以获取其他服务。FastTrack also gives you access to qualified partners for additional services. 目前为止,40,000 多个客户已启用此功能,FastTrack 可帮助最大化投资回报率、加快部署,提高整个组织的采用率。With over 40,000 customers enabled to date, FastTrack helps maximize ROI, accelerate deployment, and increase adoption across your organization. 请参阅 FastTrack for Microsoft 365See FastTrack for Microsoft 365.

如果想要充分利用 FastTrack 来部署 Microsoft 365 企业版,可通过 FastTrack Microsoft 365 部署顾问了解如何部署和设置底层基础结构。If you want to take advantage of FastTrack to deploy Microsoft 365 for enterprise, you can use the FastTrack Microsoft 365 deployment advisor for guidance on how to deploy and set up your foundation infrastructure. 必须以 Office 365 或 Microsoft 365 租户中的全局管理员身份登录才能访问此页面。You must be signed in as a global administrator in an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 tenant to access this page.

利用此处的 FastTrack 开启你的端对端部署旅程吧。Get started on your end-to-end deployment journey with FastTrack here.

Microsoft 365 企业版部署指南Microsoft 365 for enterprise deployment guide

Microsoft 365 企业版部署指南可指导你完成 Microsoft 365 企业版产品和功能的适当和必需配置。The Microsoft 365 for enterprise deployment guide steps you through the correct and required configuration of Microsoft 365 for enterprise products and features.

要自行部署 Microsoft 365 企业版,你可:To deploy Microsoft 365 for enterprise yourself, you can:

  • 针对内置安全性和集成部署所需的底层基础架构,以简化管理,从而可更轻松地确保使用最新生产力和安全增强功能更新客户端软件。Deploy the foundation infrastructure for built-in security and integration for simplified management, which makes it easier to ensure your client software is updated with the latest productivity and security enhancements.

    底层基础架构将以一系列编号阶段的形式组织,它们建立在彼此的基础上,适合于支持 Microsoft 365 企业版工作负载。The foundation infrastructure is organized as a series of numbered phases that build upon each other and towards an environment that supports Microsoft 365 for enterprise workloads.

    如果你是较小或较新的组织,请按照各个阶段操作,以便有条不紊地构建基础架构。If you are a smaller or newer organization, follow the phases in order to methodically build out your infrastructure.

    但是,你可以根据需要以任何顺序(逐个部署或者并行部署)部署所有或部分阶段,以便与当前的基础架构集成,适用于你的 IT 计划和资源并满足你的业务需求。However, you can deploy phases or the portions of phases of this infrastructure in any order as needed, one after the other or in parallel, to integrate with your current infrastructure, fit your IT plans and resources, and meet your business needs. 有关非企业的简化部署,请转到非企业的基本基础结构For a simplified deployment for non-enterprises, go to foundation infrastructure for non-enterprises.

    如果你是企业组织,请将阶段视作 IT 基础架构的层,而不是定义的路径,并确定如何更好地工作,以最终满足组织中每个层的要求。If you are an enterprise organization, view the phases as layers of IT infrastructure, rather than a defined path, and determine how to best work toward eventual adherence to the requirements of each layer across your organization.

  • 在基础架构上面部署关键生产力工作负载Deploy key productivity workloads on top of your infrastructure. 这些将会激发组织的创造力,有利于团队协作。These unlock creativity and teamwork in your organization.

以下是底层基础架构与工作负载之间的关系。Here's the relationship between the foundation infrastructure and the workloads.


工作负载在底层基础架构上面运行。Workloads operate over the top of the foundation infrastructure. 但是,无需构建所有底层基础架构即可开始使用工作负载,以提高生产力和协作。However, you do not have to have all of the foundation infrastructure phases built out to begin using workloads for productivity and collaboration.

Microsoft 365 企业版底层基础结构开启端到端部署之旅的自我入门。Get self-started on your end-to-end deployment journey at Microsoft 365 for enterprise foundation infrastructure.

试用体验版Take a test drive

对于我们先学才能做的事,我们边做边学。"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - 亚里士多德- Aristotle

如果你不熟悉 Microsoft 365 企业版或某个特定产品或功能,了解它们的最好办法就是亲自构建并看看它是如何工作的。If you're new to Microsoft 365 for enterprise or to a specific product or feature, one of the best ways to gain understanding is to build it out yourself and see it working.

我们已通过测试实验室指南 (TLG) 对此进行了简化,该指南可以指导你使用试用或付费订阅在简化但具有代表性的测试环境中完成基础架构或功能配置。We've made this easier with Test Lab Guides (TLGs), which step you through the configuration of infrastructure or a feature in a simplified but representative test environment using trial or paid subscriptions.

使用 TLG,可以自学、演示、自定义或构建复杂配置、工作负载或端到端方案的概念证明 (PoC)。With TLGs, you can self-learn, demonstrate, customize, or build a proof of concept (PoC) of a complex configuration, workload, or end-to-end scenario.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 365 企业版测试实验室指南For more information, see Microsoft 365 for enterprise Test Lab Guides.

Microsoft 云测试实验室指南

转换整个组织Transition your entire organization

要更好地了解如何将整个组织转移到 Microsoft 365 企业版中的产品和服务,请参阅将你的组织转移到 Microsoft 365 海报。To get a better picture of how to move your entire organization to the products and services in Microsoft 365 for enterprise, see the Transition Your Organization to Microsoft 365 poster.

将你的组织转移到 Microsoft 365 海报Transition Your Organization to Microsoft 365 poster

此海报包含两页内容,可借助它快速盘点现有基础结构并获取有关转移到 Microsoft 365 企业版中相应产品或服务的指南。This two-page poster is a quick way to inventory your existing infrastructure and get to the guidance for moving to the corresponding product or service in Microsoft 365 for enterprise. 它包含 Windows 和 Office 产品,还涵盖了设备管理、标识及信息和威胁防护等其他基础结构和安全元素。It includes Windows and Office products and other infrastructure and security elements such as device management, identity, and information and threat protection.

你还可以下载转换海报并按 letter、legal 或 tabloid (11 x 17) 格式打印。You can also download the transition poster and print it in letter, legal, or tabloid (11 x 17) formats.

其他人是怎么做的呢?How did others do it?

使用这些资源了解其他人是如何部署和使用 Microsoft 365 企业版的。Use these resources to understand how others have deployed and are using Microsoft 365 for enterprise.

客户如何使用 Microsoft 365 企业版How customers use Microsoft 365 for enterprise

在客户案例网站上查看 Microsoft 客户正在如何使用 Microsoft 365 企业版。Use the Customer Stories site to see how Microsoft customers are using Microsoft 365 for enterprise.

  1. 转到 https://customers.microsoft.com/ 并单击“搜索”。Go to https://customers.microsoft.com/ and click Search.
  2. 在左窗格的“语言”中选择你的语言。In the left pane, select your language in Language.
  3. 在“行业”中选择你的组织所在的行业。Select your organization's industry in Industry.
  4. 在“产品”中选择 Microsoft 365Select Microsoft 365 in Product.
  5. 单击卡片查看客户的案例研究。Click on a card for the customer's case study.

Microsoft 如何使用 Microsoft 365 企业版How Microsoft uses Microsoft 365 for enterprise

对于每一个致力于培养现代工作场所的领导者来说,打造数字文化是他们的首要任务。Defining a digital culture is a major priority for every leader who strives to foster a modern workplace. Microsoft 365 旨在支持实现这种文化转变,帮助领导者赋予公司的每个人权力,以释放创造力和促进协作。Microsoft 365 was designed to support this kind of cultural shift helping leaders empower everyone at their companies to unleash creativity and collaboration. 正在 Microsoft 基础架构的建立才引发了数字文化的转变。Establishing Microsoft's foundational infrastructure has sparked precisely this kind of digital culture shift. 通过实施 Microsoft 365 企业版,我们能够部署 Microsoft Teams 和 Exchange Online 等协作技术,并在安全的 SharePoint Intranet 站点之间在线共享敏感数据。Implementing Microsoft 365 for enterprise has allowed us to deploy collaboration technology, like Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online, and to share sensitive data online across secure SharePoint intranet sites.

同时,智能安全功能和产品集成有助于简化管理需求,并最大限度地降低整个 IT 生命周期的总体拥有成本。At the same time, intelligent security features and product integration helps streamline management needs and minimize the total cost of ownership across the IT lifecycle.

了解核心服务工程和运营(以前称为 Microsoft IT)如何使用 Microsoft 365 构建现代化工作场所Learn how Core Services Engineering and Operations (formerly Microsoft IT) has built a modern workplace with Microsoft 365.


此网页仅提供英文版本。This web page is only available in English.

Contoso Corporation 如何部署 Microsoft 365 企业版How the Contoso Corporation deployed Microsoft 365 for enterprise

Contoso Corporation 是一家虚构但具代表性的全球大型制企业,总部设在法国巴黎。The Contoso Corporation is a fictional but representative global manufacturing conglomerate with its headquarters in Paris, France. 了解 Contoso 如何部署 Microsoft 365 企业版,并做出主要设计决策和确定以下方面的实现细节:网络、标识、Windows 10 企业版、Microsoft 365 企业应用版、移动设备管理、信息保护和安全性。See how Contoso deployed Microsoft 365 for enterprise and addressed major design decisions and implementation details for networking, identity, Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, mobile device management, information protection, and security.

后续步骤Next step

若要通过直接的 Microsoft 协助完成部署,请使用 FastTrackTo do it with direct Microsoft assistance, use FastTrack.

若要通过顾问完成部署,请与 Microsoft 咨询服务或 Microsoft 合作伙伴联系。To do it with a consultant, contact Microsoft Consulting Services or a Microsoft partner.

若要自行开始部署,请参阅底层基础架构To get started doing it yourself, see the foundation infrastructure.