在 AppSource 和 Office 内的 Office 应用商店中创建有效一览Create effective listings in AppSource and within Office

提交到卖家面板的信息和图像会变成解决方案的 AppSource 一览和产品内应用商店一览。The information and images that you submit to the Seller Dashboard become the AppSource and in-product Store listing for your solution. 此信息是目标用户首先看到的内容,可形成他们的第一印象。This information is the first thing prospective users see, and creates their first impression. 确保提交的信息(包括标题、说明、徽标和图像)清楚地传达了解决方案提供的优势和功能。Make sure that the information you submit—including your title, description, logos, and images—clearly communicates the benefits and functionality that your solution provides.

创建标题、说明和图像时,请遵循以下准则:Apply the following when you create your title, description, and images:

  • 描述解决方案可以为客户提供的服务。Describe what your solution can do for customers. 回答问题:此解决方案可以解决什么问题?Answer the question: What problem does this solution solve?
  • 对每次提交使用唯一的徽标。Use unique logos for each submission.
  • 包括展示你的 UI 的图像。请务必从你的图像中删除任何个人信息。Include images that show off your UI. Be sure to remove any personal information from your images.
  • 如果您更新了功能,应该相应地更新说明。If you update your functionality, update your description too.
  • 使用对客户友好的声音。简洁明了,语言流畅。Use a customer-friendly voice. Be concise and use natural language.
  • 避免使用营销说辞和流行语。Avoid marketing speak and buzz words.
  • 检查标题和说明的拼写和语法。Check the spelling and grammar in your titles and descriptions.

使用简洁的描述性标题Use a succinct and descriptive title

创建一个简单且直接的标题。标题越短越好。请注意,显示的标题长度取决于用户如何调整窗口大小。加入你的品牌或公司名称,因为用户可能使用它们来搜索你的解决方案。Create a simple and direct title. The shorter the title the better. Remember, the length of the title that is displayed can depend on how the user sizes the window. Include your brand or company name if users are likely to use it to search for your solution.

在标题中:In your title:

  • 使你的解决方案的目的或优势一目了然。不要依靠通过品牌来表达解决方案的功能。Make the purpose or benefits of your solution clear. Don't rely on your brand to communicate what your solution does.
  • 使用以下命名模式:功能 + for + 品牌或公司名称(可选)。例如,Small Business Invoicing for Contoso。Use the following naming pattern: Function + for + brand or company name (optional). For example, Small Business Invoicing for Contoso.
  • 使用词首字母大写。除冠词及介词外,每个单词的首字母都要大写。例如:Contoso 部分搜索(Apartment Search for Contoso)。Use title case. Capitalize the first letter of each word, except articles and prepositions. For example, Apartment Search for Contoso.
  • 不得添加 Microsoft 产品名称。Don't include the Microsoft product name. 这会显示在登陆页面、AppSource 搜索结果和产品内应用商店的搜索结果中。This appears on your landing page, and in AppSource and in-product Store search results.
  • 避免使用潜在用户不熟悉的缩写词。Avoid acronyms that might be unfamiliar to potential users.
  • 不要全部使用大写字母,除非您的品牌名称是全部大写。Don't use all uppercase letters, unless your brand name is all uppercase.
  • 不要使用“免费”、“促销”或感叹号。Don't use the words "free" or "sale" or include exclamation points.

使用一致的加载项名称Use a consistent add-in name

由于要在两个位置上指定加载项名称,因此请务必在两个位置上使用相同的名称:You specify your add-in name in two places, so be sure to use the same name in both:

  • 加载项清单;具体来说,是在 DisplayName 元素(Office 加载项)或 Title 元素元素(SharePoint 加载项)上。Your add-in manifest; specifically, the DisplayName element element (Office Add-in), or the Title element element (SharePoint Add-in). 这指定了在用户安装加载项后显示的名称。This specifies the name that is displayed after the user installs the add-in.
  • 卖家面板加载项提交表单。这指定了在 AppSource 和产品内应用商店中显示的名称。The Seller Dashboard add-in submission form. This specifies the name that is displayed in AppSource and the in-product Store.

撰写引人注目的说明Write compelling descriptions

精彩的说明可以让解决方案脱颖而出。简短说明应吸引潜在用户了解详细信息。详细说明显示在 AppSource 登陆页面上,应提供解决方案及其价值的详细信息。A good description makes your solution stand out. Your short description should entice potential users to learn more. Your long description, which appears on the AppSource landing page, should provide more detail about your solution and its value.

有效的简短说明Effective short descriptions

与提交内容一起提供的简短说明是用户在 AppSource 和产品内应用商店搜索结果中看到的文本。The short description that you supply with your submission is the text that is shown to users in AppSource and in-product search results. 不妨原创有吸引力且面向目标受众的说明。You want it to be original, engaging, and directed at your target audience. 用一两句话向目标客户说明你的解决方案及其价值:Describe your solution and its value to your target customer, in one or two sentences:

  • 首先放置最重要的信息。Put the most important information first.
  • 不要重复标题。Do not repeat the title.
  • 避免使用术语或专业术语;不要以为用户知道自己要查找什么。Avoid using jargon or specialized terminology; don't assume that users know what they're looking for.
  • 添加客户可能会搜索的关键字。Include keywords that customers might search for.

下图显示了一个有效的简短说明和一个依赖于品牌名称的简短说明*The following figure shows a good short description next to one that relies on the brand name*


有效的较长说明Effective long descriptions

详细说明显示在 AppSource 和 Office 内的 Office 应用商店 的登陆页面上。它应尽可能地与清单中的说明保持一致。还可以提供更详细的说明,包括解决方案的主要功能、所能解决的问题以及目标受众。请务必添加热门搜索关键字。Office.com 搜索引擎将在搜索查询返回集中抓取这些关键字。The long description is displayed on your landing page in AppSource and within Office. It should match the description in your manifest as closely as possible. You have room for a more detailed description, including the main features, the problems it solves, and the target audience for your solution. Be sure to include popular search keywords. The Office.com search engine will pick these up in search query return sets.

在较长说明中,回答以下问题:In your long description, answer the following questions:

  • 你的解决方案如何使用户受益?How does your solution benefit its user?
  • 它有哪些特别之处?What is special about it?
  • 人们可以哪些不同方式使用它?What are different ways someone could use your it?
  • 哪些行业或专家会使用它?What industries or specialists would use it?

大多数用户会阅读 300 到 500 个词。Most users read between 300 and 500 words. 详细说明的长度上限为 4,000 个字符。The maximum length for long descriptions is 4,000 characters.

您可能希望列出特点来帮助读者浏览您的说明。要在卖家面板中创建项目符号列表,请使用以下格式:You might want to list features to aid readers scanning your description. To create a bulleted list in the Seller Dashboard, use the following formatting:


[#LI] 首要功能[/#LI][#LI] First feature[/#LI]

[#LI] 次要功能[/#LI][#LI] Second feature[/#LI]

遵循标题和说明长度指南Apply guidelines for title and description length

Item 最大长度Maximum length 建议长度Recommended length 包含关键消息...Include key message in the...
标题Title 50 个字符50 characters 30 个字符30 characters 前 30 个字符First 30 characters
简短说明Short description 100 个字符100 characters 70 个字符70 characters 前 30 个字符First 30 characters
较长说明Long description 4,000 个字符4,000 characters 300-500 个字符300-500 characters 前 300 个字符First 300 characters

创建一致的视觉识别设计Create a consistent visual identity

名称和说明可以成为吸引潜在客户的强大工具。此外,还建议呈现解决方案的统一视觉识别设计。使用的徽标非常重要。徽标由两个文件表示。若要呈现统一的徽标,两个图像的徽标或图标应相同。这样一来,用户看到的徽标相同,无论是在 AppSource 中,还是在 Office 或 SharePoint 中显示的解决方案内。这两个图像的格式要求不同。Your name and description can be powerful tools to draw in potential customers. You also want to present a unified visual identity for your solution. The logo you use is important. Two files represent your logo. To present a consistent logo, both images should be of the same logo or icon. This way, the user sees the same logo in AppSource and when the solution is displayed in Office or SharePoint. The two images have different formatting requirements.

你的徽标应该:Your logo should:

  • 传达你的解决方案如何帮助客户完成工作。Convey how your solution helps the customer get work done.
  • 使用简单的图像。不要使图像变得混乱或复杂。Use simple imagery. Don't clutter or complicate your image.
  • 说明解决方案旨在解决的问题。不要使用公司徽标作为图像。Communicate the problem that the solution solves. Don't rely on your company logo for your image.

下图显示了一个以 Excel 图表作为图像的明确标志,和一个以 Fabrikam 徽标作为图像的不明确标志。The following figure shows a clear logo with an Excel chart next to an unclear Fabrikam logo.

一张显示以 Excel 图表作为图像的明确标志,旁边是一张以 Fabrikam 徽标作为图像的不明确标志

提交 Office 外接程序时,您在清单文件中指定一个图像,还要在卖家面板中提交时上载一个图像。When you submit Office Add-ins, you specify an image in your manifest file, and upload an image with your Seller Dashboard submission.

对于 SharePoint 外接程序,在外接程序包中包含一个图像,并在卖家面板中提交时上载一个图像。这两个图像必须匹配才能验证外接程序。For SharePoint Add-ins, you include an image in your add-in package, and upload an image with your Seller Dashboard submission. These two images have to match for your add-in to validate.

创建加载项图标Create an icon for your add-in

对于要提交到 AppSource 的 Office 加载项,需要使用清单中的 IconUrl 元素链接到图像。For Office Add-ins that you are submitting to AppSource, you have to link to an image by using the IconUrl element in the manifest. 此图像用于在 Office 应用内表示加载项。This image represents your add-in within an Office application.

此图像的格式要求因外接程序的类型而异。下表按外接程序类型列出了图标图像的要求。The formatting requirements for this image differ depending on the add-in type. The following table lists the requirements for the icon image, by add-in type.

Outlook 外接程序Outlook add-ins 任务窗格和内容外接程序Task pane and content add-ins
接受的格式Accepted formats .bmp、.gif、.exif、.jpg、.png 和 .tiff.bmp, .gif, .exif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff .bmp、.gif、.exif、.jpg、.png 和 .tiff.bmp, .gif, .exif, .jpg, .png, and .tiff
源位置Source location 指定的图像必须采用安全的 HTTPS。The image specified must be secured with HTTPS. 指定的图像不必采用安全的 HTTPS。The image specified does not have to be secured with HTTPS.
大小Size 为了获得最佳外观,将图标设置为 64x64 像素。没有具体大小限制,但必要时 Outlook 会将图标大小调整为 64x64 像素。这可能导致无法达到最佳图标显示效果。For best appearance, make your icon 64 x 64 pixels. There is no specific size limit, but Outlook will resize the icon to 64 x 64 if necessary. This might result in a less-than-optimal icon display. 必须是 32x32 像素。Must be 32 x 32 pixels.
显示位置Display location Exchange 管理中心Exchange Administration Center Office 客户端界面。"插入"对话框、MRU 列表或上下文框。Office client interface. The Insertion dialog, MRU list, or context box.
本地化Localization IconUrl 元素支持清单中的特定文化图像。IconUrl element supports culture-specific images in the manifest. IconUrl 元素支持清单中的特定文化图像。IconUrl element supports culture-specific images in the manifest.

您还应链接到可在高 DPI 屏幕上使用的图标版本, 方法是在清单中包含HighResolutionIconUrl 元素You should also link to a version of your icon that can be used on high DPI screens by including the HighResolutionIconUrl element in the manifest. 对于 Outlook 外接程序, 此图像必须为 128 x 128 像素。For Outlook add-ins, this image must be 128 x 128 pixels. 对于任务窗格和内容外接程序, 建议图像至少为 64 x 64 像素。For task pane and content add-ins, we recommend the image be at least 64 x 64 pixels. 所有其他格式要求与上表中列出的 IconUrl 元素相同。All other formatting requirements are the same as those listed in the previous table for the IconUrl element.

对于 SharePoint 外接程序,您需要在外接程序包中包含一个图标。For SharePoint Add-ins, you have to include an icon in the add-in's package. 图像必须是 96 x 96 像素。The image must be 96 x 96 pixels. 当通过卖家面板提交外接程序时,还必须指定此相同的图像。You must also specify this image when you submit your add-in through the Seller Dashboard.

有效地使用图像Use images effectively

使你的应用商店图像丰富翔实。Make your store images rich and informative. 帮助客户了解你的解决方案如何解决问题。Help customers understand how your solution solves problems. 让解决方案看上去一目了然。Make it clear at a glance. 遵循精心制作有效的 AppSource 应用商店图像的最佳做法。Follow our best practices for crafting effective AppSource store images. 请注意,仅传达图像中的基本信息并采用以下最佳做法:Remember to communicate only the essential information in your images, and apply the following best practices:

  • 使图像清晰易辨认。Keep images legible.
  • 显示真实内容,而不是空白文档。Show real content rather than an empty document.
  • 专注于你的解决方案。Focus on your solution.
  • 使用描述文字描述特征和价值。Use captions to describe features and value.
  • 增强品牌效果。Reinforce your brand.


请务必从图像中删除不希望客户看到的任何个人信息。Be sure to remove any personal information from your images that you do not want customers to see.

使用评级和评论Use ratings and reviews

用户将在获取你的外接程序后不久收到一封电子邮件, 以向他们提供一个链接, 以在 AppSource 上发表评论。Users will receive an email soon after acquiring your add-in that will provide them a link to leave a review on AppSource.

好的评级和评论可以使您的产品在商店中获得更好的排名,并让客户更好地了解您的产品。客户还可以使用评论作为提供反馈和建议的论坛,尤其是当应用程序或外接程序本身不提供反馈和支持选项时。请确保:Good ratings and reviews lead to better store placement and improved customer perception of your product. Customers also use reviews as a forum to offer feedback and suggestions, particularly if feedback and support options are not available within the app or add-in. Be sure to:

  • 让客户从外接程序内进行评级和评论。确保他们已经先浏览了一遍外接程序,且不要过于频繁地要求客户提供反馈。Ask customers to rate and review from within your add-in. Make sure that they've had a chance to explore the add-in first, and don't ask for feedback too often.
  • 在加载项内提供帮助和支持,客户则无需在 AppSource 评论中进行反馈了。Offer help and support from within your add-in, so customers don't have to leave feedback in AppSource reviews.

下图显示了一个在加载项内的评级请求和一个完成教程后的评级请求。The following figure shows a request to rate within an add-in next to a request to rate following a tutorial.


创建支持广告的有效应用程序和外接程序Create effective ad-supported apps and add-ins

如果您要创建支持广告的应用程序或外接程序,请应用以下准则:If you're creating ad-supported apps or add-ins, apply the following guidelines:

  • 考虑用户体验与收入。许多企业不接受广告,也不会为他们使用的应用程序付费。小型企业和个人可能会愿意安装支持广告的应用程序或外接程序。Consider user experience versus revenue. Many businesses do not accept ads and pay for the apps they use. Smaller businesses and individuals might be willing to install ad-supported apps or add-ins.
  • 广告不应妨碍内容或功能。不要使用覆盖内容、弹出新窗口或以 1024 x 768 像素的浏览器窗口大小推送屏幕外功能的广告。Ads should not obstruct content or functionality. Do not use ads that overlay content, pop up new windows, or push functionality off-screen on a 1024 x 768 pixel browser window size.
  • 避免基于音频和视频的广告。Avoid sound- and video-based ads.
  • 将广告与内容和功能区分开。例如:Differentiate ads from content and functionality. For example:
    • 在显示广告的屏幕区域内显示小字。Display small print in the region of the screen that shows the ad.
    • 为广告内容使用不同的背景色或字形。Use a different background color or font style for the ad content.
    • 在广告周围使用特殊边框处理方式。Use special border treatments around the ad.
    • 使用远离常规内容的布局安排。Use a layout placement away from regular content.
  • 不要在广告中包含不适当的内容。广告与应用程序和外接程序中的内容受相同策略的限制。Do not include ads with inappropriate content. Ads are subject to the same policies that the content in apps and add-ins is.
  • 使用适用于广告的标准大小和位置。Use a standard size and location for ads.

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