提交到 AppSource 的应用和加载项的验证策略(版本 2.2)Validation policies for apps and add-ins submitted to AppSource (version 2.2)

本文介绍了用于验证 Office 加载项、SharePoint 加载项、Microsoft Teams 应用和 Power BI 自定义视觉对象是否有资格在 AppSource 中列出的条件。This document describes the criteria that are used to validate that Office Add-ins, SharePoint Add-ins, Microsoft Teams apps, and Power BI custom visuals are eligible to be listed in AppSource. AppSource 中列出的解决方案也显示在 Office 中的产品内应用商店。Solutions listed in AppSource also appear in Office in the in-product Store.

1. 应用和加载项为客户实现增值1. Apps and add-ins provide value to the customer

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
1.11.1 应用或加载项必须在应用或加载项体验中提供独特价值或实用工具,从而扩展 AppSource 客户的 Office 或 SharePoint 功能。Your app or add-in must offer unique value or utility within the app or add-in experience that extends Office or SharePoint functionality for AppSource customers.
1.21.2 您的应用程序或外接程序的工作方式必须符合您的说明,且不得处于未完成状态。Your app or add-in must work according to your description, and must not be in an unfinished state.
1.31.3 应用或加载项的试用功能与其付费版本的类似必须合理。Your app or add-in's trial functionality must reasonably resemble its paid version.

2. 应用或加载项可以显示一些广告2. Apps or add-ins can display certain ads

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
2.12.1 应用程序或外接程序可以包含广告,但该应用程序或外接程序不能以显示广告为主要目的。Apps or add-ins can contain ads. The primary purpose of the app or add-in must be more than the display of the advertisement.
2.22.2 您的应用程序或外接程序中的广告必须符合我们的政策 6 中所述的内容策略。Ads in your app or add-in must comply with our content policies, described in policy 6.
2.32.3 广告不应干预应用程序或外接程序的功能,并应符合我们的广告设计准则。Ads should not interfere with app or add-in functionality and should match our ad design guidelines.
2.42.4 您的应用程序或外接程序的描述要素,如屏幕截图、文本和宣传图像,必须描述您的应用程序或外接程序且不包含其他广告。The elements of your app or add-in's description, such as screenshots, text, and promotional images, must describe your app or add-in and not contain additional advertising.

3. 应用和加载项可以通过应用或加载项内购买出售附加功能或内容3. Apps and add-ins can sell additional features or content through purchases within the app or add-in

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
3.13.1 目前,Microsoft 不提供本机应用程序编程接口 (API) 来支持应用程序和外接程序内购买。您可以为您的这些购买使用任何第三方付费系统。Currently, Microsoft does not provide native application programming interfaces (APIs) to support purchases in apps and add-ins. You may use any third-party payment system for those purchases.
3.23.2 在应用程序或外接程序需要购买额外收费的其他功能才能实现广告所述的操作时,您必须在您的说明中告知用户要获得这些功能需要支付相应款项。Where an app or add-in requires additional features to operate as advertised, to which an extra charge applies, you must clearly notify users in your description that those payments are required to access those features. 如果您的应用程序或外接程序可通过应用程序或外接程序内购买或其他方式提供用于发售的附加功能或内容,则也必须告知用户。Notification is also necessary if your app or add-in offers additional features or content for sale, either through purchases within the app or add-in or other means. 如果您的免费应用程序或外接程序包含应用程序内购买,则外接程序的 AppSource 列表将通过在定价选项下声明“可能需要额外购买”来反映这一点。If your free app or add-in contains an in-app purchase, the AppSource listing for your add-in will reflect this by stating 'Additional purchase may be required' under the pricing options.
3.33.3 如果您的应用程序或外接程序收集信用卡信息,或者使用收集信用卡信息的第三方付款处理程序,则付款处理过程必须符合当前的 PCI 数据安全标准 (PCI DSS)。If your app or add-in collects credit card information or uses a third-party payment processor that collects credit card information, the payment processing must meet the current PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
3.43.4 在 iOS 上运行的应用或加载项不得提供任何用于销售的附加功能或内容。Apps or add-ins running on iOS must not offer any additional features or content for sale.

4. 应用和加载项的行为可以预见4. Apps and add-ins behave predictably

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
4.14.1 您的应用程序或外接程序不得停止响应、意外终止或包含编程错误。Your app or add-in must not stop responding, end unexpectedly, or contain programming errors.
4.24.2 应用程序或外接程序更新后不得以非正常方式减少客户正常使用的应用程序或外接程序功能。Your updated app or add-in must not decrease the app or add-in's functionality in a way that would be unexpected to a reasonable customer.
4.34.3 应用程序或外接程序说明、图像、文档和任何其他相关联的元数据必须与应用程序或外接程序的功能一致。Your app or add-in description, imagery, documentation and any other associated metadata must be consistent with the functionality of the app or add-in.
4.44.4 您必须在提交表单的测试备注中提供资源的说明和链接,Microsoft 需要使用它们验证您的应用程序或外接程序。例如,如果您的应用程序或外接程序要求登录名/密码,您必须向 Microsoft 提供能正常登录的已存在的登录名/密码以用于测试目的。You must provide instructions and links to resources in the submission form's testing notes that will be needed for Microsoft validation of your app or add-in. If, for example, your app or add-in requires a login/password, you must give Microsoft a pre-existing working login for testing purposes.
4.54.5 您的应用程序或外接程序不得对客户的文档进行意外的更改。Your app or add-in must not make unexpected changes to a customer's document.
4.64.6 您的应用或外接程序不得危及或损害 Microsoft 产品或第三方产品的安全或功能。Your app or add-in must not jeopardize or compromise the security or functionality of Microsoft or third-party products.
4.74.7 应用程序或外接程序不得包含病毒和任何恶意软件。The app or add-in must be free of viruses, malware, and any malicious software.
4.84.8 未经用户明确许可,您的应用程序或外接程序不得启动应用程序或外接程序体验之外的功能。Your app or add-in must not launch functionality outside of the app or add-in experience without the explicit permission of the user.
4.94.9 在不加载某些类型的用户体验或给出警告的情况下,任何操作都不应超过 3 秒钟没有响应。No action should take more than three seconds to respond without some type of loading UX or warning.
4.104.10 您的应用程序或外接程序占用的内存量不应超出合理范围,不合理的内存量会导致一般客户环境性能下降。Your app or add-in should not consume an unreasonable amount of memory that negatively impacts the performance of an average customer's environment.
4.114.11 您的应用程序或外接程序 UI 必须看起来完整。Your app or add-in UI should not look unfinished.
4.124.12 你的应用或外接程序必须能够在 Office 2013、Office 2016、SharePoint 2013 和 Office 365 支持的操作系统、浏览器和设备上完全正常使用。Your app or add-in must be fully functional with the supported operating systems, browsers, and devices for Office 2013, Office 2016, SharePoint 2013, and Office 365. 若要下载 Office 2013 试用版,请参阅 Office 2013 - Microsoft Office 365Office 2013 - Microsoft Office 365 商业版To download an Office 2013 trial, see Office 2013 - Microsoft Office 365 or Office 2013 - Microsoft Office 365 Business.

应用或加载项描述的功能必须能够在没有实际键盘或鼠标的仅触控设备上正常运行。Your app or add-in's described features must work on a touch-only device without a physical keyboard or mouse.
Office 加载项Office Add-ins
常规要求:General requirements:
  • 外接程序必须能够与 Internet Explorer 11 的所有版本及更高版本,以及 Microsoft Edge、Chrome、Firefox 和 Safari (Mac OS) 的最新版本兼容。Add-ins must be compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer 11 and later, and the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Mac OS).
  • 外接程序必须适用于外接程序清单内主机元素中指定的所有 Office 应用程序。有关详细信息,请参阅指定 Office 主机和 API 要求Your add-in must work in all Office applications specified in the Hosts element in your add-in manifest. For details, see Specify Office hosts and API requirements.
  • 外接程序必须适用于所有支持外接程序清单内要求元素中定义的方法的平台。若要详细了解各个平台支持的方法,请参阅 Office 外接程序主机和平台可用性Your add-in must work across all platforms that support the methods that you define in the Requirements element in your add-in manifest. For details about which platforms support which methods, see Office Add-in host and platform availability.
视平台而定的要求:Platform-specific requirements:
  • 你的加载项支持的 Office 应用程序必须与 Requirements 元素中列出的 API 兼容。要在 Office Web 客户端中测试加载项,请参阅在 Office 网页版中调试加载项Your add-in must support Office Online applications that are compatible with the APIs listed in the Requirements element. To test your add-in in Office Online, see Debug add-ins in Office Online.
  • 支持 iOS 的外接程序必须可在使用最新 iOS 操作系统的最新 iPad 设备上完全正常工作。Add-ins that support iOS must be fully functional on the latest iPad device using the latest iOS operating system.
视 Outlook 而定的要求:Outlook-specific requirements:
  • 如果应用场景需要在每封邮件或每个约会(无论处于阅读模式还是撰写模式)上显示外接程序,必须支持外接程序命令If your scenario requires showing an add-in on every message or appointment (whether in read or compose), it must support add-in commands.
  • Outlook 外接程序不能包含 VersionOverrides 节点中的 CustomPane 扩展点。Outlook add-ins must not include the CustomPane extension point in the VersionOverrides node.
  • 如果外接程序清单包含针对邮件和/或约会的阅读模式的 SupportsPinning 元素,则固定后,外接程序的内容不能为静态,且必须清楚显示与邮箱中打开或选中的邮件相关的数据。If your add-in manifest includes the SupportsPinning element for read mode of a message and/or appointment, the content of the add-in, when pinned, must not be static and must clearly display data related to the message that is open or selected in the mailbox.
  • 支持移动的 Outlook 外接程序必须允许用户单独登录他们在 Outlook 应用中拥有的每个电子邮件帐户。Outlook add-ins that support mobile must allow users to log on separately for each email account they have in the Outlook app.
Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 要求:Word, Excel, and PowerPoint requirements:
  • 使用任务窗格清单的外接程序必须支持外接程序命令。Add-ins that use the taskpane manifest must support add-in commands.
SharePoint 加载项SharePoint Add-ins
外接程序必须能够在 Windows 7、Windows 10、Internet Explorer 11 的所有版本及更高版本,以及 Microsoft Edge、Chrome 和 Firefox 的最新版本上使用。Add-ins must be fully functional with Windows 7, Windows 10, all versions of Internet Explorer 11 and later, and the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.
使用 Azure AD 的 Web 应用Web apps using Azure AD
将不再接受通过卖家面板提交到 AppSource 的使用 Azure AD 的 Web 应用。Web apps using Azure AD will no longer be accepted for submission to AppSource via the Seller Dashboard. 我们建议通过云合作伙伴门户提交 Azure Web 应用。We recommend submitting Azure Web Apps via the Cloud Partner Portal.
4.134.13 您的 SharePoint 外接程序不能启用远程调试设置。Your SharePoint Add-in must not have remote debugging settings enabled.
4.144.14 你的 SharePoint 外接程序的清单不能包含 DebugInfo 元素。The manifest for your SharePoint Add-in must not include the DebugInfo element.
4.154.15 您的 SharePoint 外接程序不能包含任何未经验证的页面或 API,错误页除外。Your SharePoint Add-in must not have any unauthenticated pages or APIs, with the exception of the error page.
4.164.16 (未经验证的)错误页不应包含指向其他页或外接程序的其他受保护资源的链接。The (unauthenticated) error page should not have links to other pages or other protected resources of the add-in.
4.174.17 已删除。Deleted.
4.184.18 除非通过 Office 和 SharePoint 外接程序模型,否则您的外接程序可能不会更改 SharePoint 或 Office,或者提出此更改。Your add-in may not alter, or promote the alteration of, SharePoint or Office except via the Office and SharePoint Add-ins model.
4.194.19 除非通过 Microsoft 批准的 OAuth 流(即应用已获授权,可以代表用户执行操作),否则应用体验不得提示用户公开 Microsoft 标识(例如,Office 365 或 Microsoft Azure 组织帐户、Microsoft 帐户或 Windows 域帐户)凭据。Your app experience must not prompt a user to disclose the credentials of a Microsoft identity (for example, Office 365 or Microsoft Azure Organizational Account, Microsoft Account, or Windows Domain Account) except through Microsoft approved OAuth flow, where your app is authorized to act on behalf of the user.

有关详细信息,请参阅 SharePoint 加载项的上下文标记 OAuth 流SharePoint 加载项的授权代码 OAuth 流For more information, see Context Token OAuth flow for SharePoint Add-ins and Authorization Code OAuth flow for SharePoint Add-ins.
4.204.20 如果您的应用程序或外接程序依赖于其他服务或帐户,则必须在提交到卖家面板的描述中明确说明这种依赖性。If your app or add-in depends on additional services or accounts, this dependency must be clearly called out in the description you submit in the Seller Dashboard.
4.214.21 应用或加载项不得在用户环境中安装或启动其他可执行代码。Your app or add-in must not install or launch other executable code on the user's environment.

5. 应用和加载项对客户的控制5. Apps and add-ins put the customer in control

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
5.15.1 必须提交一个隐私链接。You must submit a privacy link. 链接的隐私文档标题本身必须清晰并且文档必须与应用、加载项或整个服务明确相关。The linked privacy documentation must be clearly titled as such and must clearly relate to your app, add-in, or overall service. 不接受仅引用网站的链接文档。Linked documentation that refers solely to your website is not acceptable. 隐私声明的内容必须由应用或加载项提供商直接控制,并且必须至少包含收集和存储哪些用户数据,保护用户数据的隐私控件以及使用数据的方式。The content of the privacy statement must be under the direct control of the app or add-in provider and must contain, at a minimum, what user data is collected and stored, what privacy controls are protecting the users data, and how the data is used. 如果你的应用或加载项不收集或传输用户信息,那么必须链接到陈述此事实的声明。If your app or add-in does not collect or transmit user information, you must link to a statement that states this fact.
5.25.2 您的应用程序或外接程序在发布个人信息时必须征求同意。Your app or add-in must obtain consent to publish personal information.
5.35.3 您的应用程序或外接程序不得在不通知用户的情况下获取或存储客户信息或内容。Your app or add-in must not obtain or store customer information or content without notifying the user.
5.45.4 您的应用程序或外接程序不得在不通知用户的情况下传递或传输客户数据。Your app or add-in must not pass or transmit customer data without notifying the user.
5.55.5 您的应用程序或外接程序必须避免让客户在无意中通过按流量计费的网络传输大量数据。Your app or add-in must protect customers from unintentional large data transfers over metered networks.
5.65.6 您的应用程序或外接程序不得在描述中未明确声明的情况下实施客户地域限制。Your app or add-in must not implement geo-blocking of customers without explicitly stating this in the description.
5.75.7 必须使用有效且受信任的 SSL 证书 (HTTPS) 保护应用和加载项。Apps and add-ins must be secured with a valid and trusted SSL certificate (HTTPS). 如需了解更多信息,请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题中的为什么我的应用和加载项必须启用 SSL 保护?For more information, see Why do my apps and add-ins have to be SSL-secured? in AppSource submission FAQ.
5.85.8 应用和外接程序不得打开弹出窗口,除非这些窗口是由用户交互明确触发。将弹出窗口阻止程序设置为默认值后,浏览器的弹出窗口阻止程序不得阻止任何由用户交互触发的弹出窗口。Apps and add-ins may not open pop-up windows unless they are triggered by explicit user interaction. Any pop-up windows that are triggered by user interaction must not be blocked by the browser's pop-up blocker when the pop-up blocker is set to the default value.
5.95.9 应用或加载项不能请求获取不合理的高权限或完全控制权限。Your app or add-in cannot request unreasonably high permissions or full-control permission.

AppSource 不接受请求获取完全控制权限的 SharePoint 加载项。SharePoint Add-ins that request full-control permissions are not accepted in AppSource.

如果应用或加载项需要完全控制权限,应用商店加载项可能依赖于在 AppSource 流程范围外部署到客户租户的加载项。If your app or add-in requires full-control permission, your Store add-ins might be dependent on add-ins that are deployed to a customer's tenant outside the AppSource process. 有关详细信息,请参阅现在支持将 AppSource 加载项与高信任权限结合使用For more information, see Combining AppSource add-ins with high trust permissions now supported. SharePoint 外接程序必须提示管理员说明以下情况:此外接程序必须安装完全控制型应用。管理员必须能够在不与 SharePoint 外接程序提供程序进行交互(例如,通过电子邮件或 Web 窗体)的情况下,安装此完全控制型应用。SharePoint Add-ins must prompt the administrator to explain that the add-in must install a full-control app. The administrator must be able to install this full-control app without interacting with the SharePoint Add-in provider, for example via email or web forms. 通过 SharePoint 外接程序安装的完全控制型应用必须遵循所有的应用商店策略。The full-control app that is installed via the SharePoint Add-in must comply with all Store policies. 如果完全控制型应用符合 AppSource 验证策略的要求,那么提交到 AppSource 的 SharePoint 加载项只能用于安装完全控制型应用。If the full-control app meets the AppSource validation policies, the SharePoint Add-in submitted to AppSource can function only to install the full-control app.
5.105.10 必须在加载项包或清单中指定应用程序或加载项的图标,并且该图标的大小和格式必须正确。You must specify an icon for your app or add-in in your add-in package or manifest, and that the icon must be correctly sized and formatted. 如需了解更多信息,请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题 中的将我的应用或加载项提交到 AppSource 时,如何避免错误?For more information, see How can I avoid errors when submitting my app or add-in to AppSource? in AppSource submission FAQ.
5.115.11 使用受限权限的 PowerPoint 内容外接程序需在外接程序的第一个屏幕上清楚地显示隐私政策和使用条款信息的链接。如果您的外接程序不收集或传送用户信息,您必须链接到陈述这一事实的声明。Content add-ins for PowerPoint which use restricted permissions are required to clearly display links to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use information on the first screen of the add-in. If your add-in does not collect or transmit user information, you must link to a statement that states this fact.
5.125.12 PowerPoint 内容加载项可能不会激活内容(如播放音频或视频),除非已调用 Office.initialize 事件(适用于 Office 的 JavaScript API)Content add-ins for PowerPoint may not activate their content (e.g. play audio or video) until after Office.initialize event (JavaScript API for Office) has been called. 这可以确保内容显示与演示文稿正确同步。This ensures that content display will synchronize with presentations correctly.

6. 应用和加载项适用于全球受众6. Apps and add-ins are appropriate for a global audience

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
6.16.1 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含成人内容。Your app or add-in must not contain adult content.
6.26.2 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含宣扬基于特定的种族、民族、国家、语言、宗教或其他社会团体的成员身份或基于性别、年龄或性取向的歧视性、仇恨性或暴力行为的内容。Your app or add-in must not contain content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence based on membership in a particular racial, ethnic, national, linguistic, religious, or other social group, or based on a person's gender, age, or sexual orientation.
6.36.3 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含鼓励、促进或宣扬非法活动的内容或功能。Your app or add-in must not contain content or functionality that encourages, facilitates or glamorizes illegal activity.
6.46.4 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含或显示被合理视为色情的内容。Your app or add-in must not contain or display content that a reasonable person would consider to be obscene.
6.56.5 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含诽谤、中伤、造谣或恐吓内容。Your app or add-in must not contain content that is defamatory, libelous or slanderous, or threatening.
6.66.6 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含鼓励、促进或提倡滥用酒精、烟草产品、毒品或武器的内容。Your app or add-in must not contain content that encourages, facilitates or glamorizes excessive or irresponsible use of alcohol or tobacco products, drugs or weapons.
6.76.7 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含鼓励、促进或宣扬极端或无端的暴力、侵犯人权的行为,或者制造或使用危害人或动物的武器的内容。Your app or add-in must not contain content that encourages, facilitates or glamorizes extreme or gratuitous violence, human rights violations, or the creation or use of weapons against a person or animal.
6.86.8 您的应用程序或外接程序不得包含大量或无端的冒犯性语言。Your app or add-in must not contain excessive or gratuitous profanity.
6.96.9 您有责任确定您是否有权使用所选择的名称、内容、徽标、版权、商标、代码、在线服务和 API。It is your responsibility to determine if you have the right to use the chosen name, content, logos, copyright, trademarks, code, online services and APIs.
6.106.10 您的应用或外接程序不得鼓励、促销或盗用受版权保护的内容。Your app or add-in must not encourage, promote, or enable piracy of copyrighted content.
6.116.11 如果您的应用程序或外接程序调用、支持、包含或使用加密技术,则您必须在提交表单上提供详细信息。You must provide details on the submission form if your app or add-in calls, supports, contains, or uses cryptography.
6.126.12 您的应用或外接程序的设计或销售不得执行、教唆或鼓励可能对客户或他人造成身体或心理上的伤害的任务。Your app or add-in must not be designed or marketed to perform, instruct, or encourage tasks that could cause physical or psychological harm to a customer or any other person.
6.136.13 自 2018 年 8 月起,不再允许游戏发布到 AppSource。Effective August 2018, games are no longer accepted for publication to AppSource.
6.146.14 应用或加载项必须遵守分发地区的所有适用法律。Your app or add-in must comply with all applicable laws in the regions in which it is available.

7. 应用和加载项易于识别和理解7. Apps and add-ins are easily identified and understood

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
7.17.1 随应用或加载项提交的元数据必须准确无误。The metadata that you submit with your app or add-in must be accurate. 若要了解要避免的常见错误,请参阅 AppSource 提交 FAQ 中的将我的应用或加载项提交到 AppSource 时,如何避免错误?For information about common mistakes to avoid, see How can I avoid errors when submitting my app or add-in to AppSource? in AppSource submission FAQ.
7.27.2 您的应用程序或外接程序必须具有唯一的名称。Your app or add-in must have a unique name.
7.37.3 您对应用或外接程序的标题、描述和图像必须反映出它的功能,不可误导用户。如果您对您的应用或外接程序进行更改,导致它的功能与描述不符,则必须重新提交您的应用或外接程序。Your app or add-in's title, description, and images must reflect its functionality, and may not mislead the user. If you make changes to your app or add-in such that the functionality does not match the description, you must resubmit your app or add-in. 与应用或加载项一同提交的图像必须反映出它的功能,并且不可误导用户。The images submitted with your app or add-in must reflect its functionality, and must not mislead the user. 它们应是清晰可辨的,并能清楚地展示应用或加载项的价值主张。They should be legible and clearly show the value proposition of the app or add-in. 如需了解有关图像最佳实践的更多信息,请参阅精心制作有效的 AppSource 图像For more information about best practices for images, see Craft effective AppSource images.
7.47.4 您的应用或外接程序标题和简短描述必须传达其目的。请勿完全依赖于与品牌或服务的熟悉度来传达您的应用或外接程序的目的。Your app or add-in title and short description must convey its purpose. Do not rely exclusively on familiarity with a brand or service to convey the purpose of your app or add-in. 您必须针对提交的每种语言对应用程序或外接程序元数据(描述、屏幕截图、标题)进行本地化以便于理解。You must localize your app or add-in metadata (descriptions, screenshots, title) to be easily understood for each submitted languages. 提交外接程序时选择的主要语言必须是外接程序清单中声明的外接程序功能内支持的语言之一。The primary language selected when you submit your add-in must be one of the supported languages within your add-in's functionality as declared in your add-in's manifest. 该策略不适用于字典外接程序的提交。This policy does not apply to dictionary add-in submissions. 必须在外接程序清单中指定外接程序支持的语言。You must specify language support for your add-in in your add-in's manifest. 如果应用或加载项面向大型组织或企业,可以在标题中注明品牌或服务。If your app or add-in targets a larger organization or enterprise, the title can use your brand or service. 有关详细信息,请参阅 AppSource 验证策略进行了更改,以支持面向大型组织和企业的应用和加载项For more information, see AppSource validation policy changes to support apps and add-ins that target larger organizations and enterprises. Microsoft Teams 应用均不适用于此条件。Microsoft Teams apps are not eligible to apply for this criteria. 简短描述和详细描述内容不能相同。Your short and long description must not be the same. 另外,详细描述中不能出现简短描述中重复的内容。Additionally, your short description must not be repeated within the long description.
7.57.5 以多种语言列出的应用或加载项必须易于识别和理解。Apps or add-ins listed in multiple languages must be easily identified and understood. AppSource 支持推广采用以下语言的应用和加载项:AppSource supports merchandising of apps and add-ins in the following languages:

中文(简体)Chinese (Simplified)
中文(繁体)Chinese (Traditional)
马来语(拉丁文)Malay (Latin)
挪威语(博克马尔)Norwegian (Bokmål)
葡萄牙语(巴西)Portuguese (Brazil)
葡萄牙语(葡萄牙)Portuguese (Portugal)
塞尔维亚语(拉丁文)Serbian (Latin)

请注意: 默认情况下,将英语应用和加载项分发给所有支持应用商店的市场。Note: English apps and add-ins are distributed to all Store-supported markets by default. 提供商可以通过卖家仪表板阻止英文应用和加载项的分发。Providers can block English apps and add-ins from distribution via Seller Dashboard. 如需了解更多信息,请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题中的如何为加载项声明语言支持?For more information, see How do I declare language support for my add-in? in AppSource submission FAQ.
7.67.6 您的应用程序或外接程序不得发表支持语言的虚假声明。Your app or add-in must not falsely declare language support.
7.77.7 您声明的功能必须与您的应用程序或外接程序的核心功能和描述相关。The capabilities you declare must relate to the core functions and description of your app or add-in.
7.87.8 您必须至少提供应用程序或外接程序的一个屏幕快照。You must provide at least one screenshot of your app or add-in.
7.97.9 加载项包必须使用正确的格式,并且符合当前清单架构。对于 Office 加载项,应符合清单架构 1.1 版本。Your add-in's packages must be correctly formatted and conform to the current manifest schema. For Office Add-ins, this is manifest schema version 1.1.

如需详细了解清单架构,请参阅 Office 加载项清单的架构参考 (v1.1)SharePoint 外接程序清单的架构参考。另请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题中的将加载项提交到 AppSource 时,如何避免一些常见错误?For detailed manifest schema information, see Schema reference for Office Add-ins manifests (v1.1) and Schema reference for manifests of SharePoint Add-ins. See also What are some common errors to avoid when submitting my add-in to AppSource? in AppSource submission FAQ.
7.107.10 为应用或加载项指定的类别必须与该应用或加载项的特点或用途一致。The categories you assign your app or add-in must correspond to the character or purpose of the app or add-in.

注意:必须将非生产性的应用或加载项归类到“生活方式”类别中,且只能归到此类别。Note: Non-productivity apps or add-ins must be categorized in the Lifestyle category and only in that category.
7.117.11 您的应用程序或外接程序不能是您已提交的应用程序或外接程序的副本。Your app or add-in must not be a duplicate of an app or add-in you've already submitted.
7.127.12 您的应用程序或外接程序必须包括该应用程序或外接程序的名称、版本信息和技术支持联系信息且易于查找。Your app or add-in must include the app or add-in name, version information, and technical support contact information that is easily discoverable.
7.137.13 应用或加载项提供的各种语言的体验必须与在加载项清单内所声明的基本类似。The experience provided by an app or add-in must be reasonably similar in each language as declared in your add-in's manifest.

如需了解更多信息,请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题中的如何为加载项声明语言支持?For more information, see How do I declare language support for my add-in? in AppSource submission FAQ.
7.147.14 您的外接程序名称不得包含"应用程序"或"插件"或衍生名称。Your add-in name may not include "app" or "plug-in" or derivatives.
7.157.15 所有 Office 加载项都必须使用 Microsoft 托管的 Office.js 文件。All Office Add-ins must use the Microsoft-hosted Office.js file. 如需了解更多信息,请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题中的如何在加载项中引用适用于 Office 的 JavaScript API?For more information, see How do I reference the JavaScript APIs for Office in my add-ins? in AppSource submission FAQ.
7.167.16 您必须在 Office 外接程序 清单的 SupportURL 元素中指定一个有效的支持 URL。You must specify a valid Support URL in the SupportURL element of your Office Add-in manifest.
7.177.17 如果您希望提交应用程序或外接程序的多个变体(例如,不同的价位提供不同的功能),您必须将这些产品作为单独的应用程序或外接程序提交,并提供单独的产品 ID。If you wish to submit multiple variations of an app or add-in (for example, where different functionalities are unlocked at different price points), you must submit these separately, with separate product IDs. 每个应用或加载项必须具有唯一的名称(如测试加载项、测试加载项:高级版)。Each app or add-in must have a unique name (for example, Test Add-in, Test Add-in: Premium). 此二进制文件可以在多个应用程序或加载项列表中保持不变。The binary can remain the same across the multiple app or add-in listings. 作为最佳做法,我们建议告知用户在各自的说明中存在多个应用或加载项列表。We recommend, as a best practice, that you notify users that multiple app or add-in listings exist in the description for each. 这可以确保让用户知道有其他可用的成本/功能层。This ensures that users are aware that different cost/functionality tiers are available.
7.187.18 已删除。Deleted.
7.197.19 不得在应用或外接程序标题中使用 Microsoft 产品名称。You may not use Microsoft product names in your app or add-in title.

注意: 可能有一些例外情况,即外接程序在多个 Microsoft 产品中运行;例如,Contoso for SharePoint、Contoso for Outlook、Contoso for Office 365。Note: We may make some exceptions in cases where an add-in runs in multiple Microsoft products; for example, Contoso for SharePoint, Contoso for Outlook, Contoso for Office 365.

8. 付费应用或加载项更新不得减少应用或加载项功能8. Updates to paid apps or add-ins must not decrease the app or add-in's functionality

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
8.18.1 如果您更新应用程序或外接程序的定价/许可条款,必须继续向现有客户基于原定价提供原有功能。新的价格和/或许可条款可能只适用于新用户。If you update your app or add-in's pricing/licensing terms, you must continue to offer the original functionality to the existing customer base at the original pricing. New prices and/or licensing terms may only apply to new users.
8.28.2 如果您将应用程序或外接程序从免费更新为付费,必须确保现有用户使用在更新前的相同级别的功能。If you update your app or add-in's pricing from free to paid, existing users must receive the same level of functionality as before the update.
8.38.3 如果您将应用程序或外接程序从支持免费网站许可证更新为不支持它们,必须继续免费支持现有的用户。If you update your app or add-in from supporting site licenses for free to not supporting them, existing users must continue to be supported for free.
8.48.4 您的应用程序或外接程序每个月的重新提交次数不得超过 10 次,一年的重新提交总次数不得超过 30 次。Your app or add-in cannot be resubmitted more than ten times per month, up to a total of 30 times per year.
8.58.5 如果您停售应用程序或外接程序,必须确保支持应用程序或外接程序的任何外部 Web 服务和/或网页继续工作 90 天。否则,您有责任和义务向您的客户退款。If you withdraw your app or add-in from sale, you must ensure any external web services and/or web pages that support the app or add-in will continue to function for 90 days. Failure to do so will make you responsible for refund liability towards your customers.
8.68.6 应用和外接程序可能从免费转换为订阅定价。如果将应用或外接程序从免费更新为订阅,必须确保现有用户使用在更新前的相同级别的功能。Apps and add-ins may convert from free to subscription pricing. If you update your app or add-in's pricing from free to subscription, existing users must receive the same level of functionality as before the update.

暂不支持从付费应用或加载项转换为订阅应用或加载项。Converting from a paid to a subscription app or add-in is not currently supported.

9. 退款9. Refunds

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
9.19.1 如果发现应用或加载项违反任何应用商店策略,则会将它从 AppSource 中删除。If your app or add-in is found to violate any of our store policies, it can be removed from AppSource. 如果客户需要退款,退款将会从尚未支付给你帐户的款项中扣除。If a customer needs to be refunded, the refund will be deducted from any pending payouts to your account.

10. 应用和加载项利用支持的功能10. Apps and add-ins utilize supported capabilities

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
10.110.1 付费应用或加载项必须符合 AppSource 商业要求。Your paid app or add-in must follow the AppSource commerce requirements. 如需了解更多信息,请参阅 AppSource 提交常见问题中的我能否将付费应用或加载项提交到 AppSource?For more information, see Can I submit a paid app or add-in to AppSource? in AppSource submission FAQ.
10.210.2 如果 SharePoint 加载项有自动托管功能,AppSource 不会接受它。If your SharePoint Add-in has autohosting capabilities, it will not be accepted in AppSource. 有关详细信息,请参阅自动托管加载项预览计划的最新动态For more information, see Update on Autohosted Add-ins Preview program.
10.310.3 在卖家面板提交表单上为你的外接程序指定的版本号必须与外接程序清单中的版本号完全匹配。The version number you specify for your add-in on the Seller Dashboard submission form must exactly match the version number in the add-in manifest.

必须使用以下语法指定你的外接程序版本:You must specify your add-in version using the following syntax:

a . b . c . da . b . c . d

其中 a 是介于 1-9999 之间的整数,bcd 均是介于 0-9999 之间的整数。例如, 或。Where a is an integer between 1-9999, and each of b , c , d are each integers between 0-9999. For example, or

重要信息 当重新提交加载项与包含一个新版本号的更新清单时,还必须确保在提交表单中更新版本号,以匹配新清单的版本号。Important When you resubmit add-ins with an updated manifest that includes a new version number, you must also make sure to update the version number in the submission form to match the version number of the new manifest.
10.410.4 AppSource 不接受利用已弃用功能的加载项。Add-ins that utilize deprecated functionality will not be allowed in AppSource. 有关详细信息,请参阅 SharePoint 2013:已过时类型和成员列表For more information, see SharePoint 2013: List of obsolete types and members.
10.510.5 付费 Outlook 外接程序必须支持站点许可证。Paid Outlook add-ins must support a site license.
10.610.6 目前不支持将承载在 Access 中的 Office 外接程序作为付费外接程序提交。Submitting Office Add-ins that are hosted within Access as paid add-ins is not currently supported.
10.710.7 已删除。Deleted.
10.810.8 对于在 iOS 或 Android 上可用的 Office 外接程序,必须是免费的。For your Office Add-in to be available on iOS or Android, it must be free. 它在 应用标题应用简短描述中不能包含“应用”。It must not include "app" in the App Title or App Short Description. 外接程序不得包括应用程序内购买、试用、旨在追加支付的 UI 或指向任何在线商店(在商店中用户可以购买或获取其他内容、应用程序或外接程序)的链接。隐私策略和使用条款页也不得包含任何商务 UI 或商店链接。Your add-in must be free of in-app purchases, trial offers, UI that aims to upsell to paid, or links to any online stores where users can purchase or acquire other content, apps, or add-ins. Your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages must also be free of any commerce UI or Store links.
对于适用于 iOS 的外接程序,还必须在卖家面板提交表单上执行以下操作:For add-ins for iOS, you must also do the following on the Seller Dashboard submission form:

通过选中相应的复选框接受 Apple 的条款和条件。你的 Office 外接程序必须符合所有相关的 Apple App Store 策略。Accept Apple's Terms and Conditions by selecting the appropriate checkbox. Your Office Add-in must be compliant with all relevant Apple App Store policies.

提供一个有效的 Apple ID。Provide a valid Apple ID. 要使 Outlook 外接程序在 iOS 或 Android 上可用,它必须符合 Outlook 外接程序设计准则For your Outlook add-in to be available on iOS or Android, it must comply with the Outlook add-in design guidelines. Office for iOS 或 Office for Android 上运行的外接程序版本不能显示任何要求用户付费的 UI、语言或指向任何其他应用、外接程序或网站的链接。也不能使用“免费”这一词汇,例如“免费帐户”。如果外接程序需要具备帐户,则只能在外接程序的移动版中创建免费帐户。可以确定免费帐户保持活动状态的时长(无限期或有限的时间);但是,如果用户的帐户到期,则不能向用户显示任何 UI、文本或链接来提示用户需要付费。The version of your add-in that runs on Office for iOS or Office for Android must not show any UI or language, or link to any other apps, add-ins, or websites, that ask the user to pay. Use of the term “free”, as in “free account”, is also not allowed. If the add-in requires an account, only free accounts can be created in the mobile version of the add-in. You can determine the length of time that the free account remains active (indefinitely or for a limited amount of time); however, if the user’s account expires, you cannot show any UI, text, or links to the user to indicate that they need to pay.
10.910.9 Office 加载项必须使用第 1.1 版 Office.js 库和清单架构。Office Add-ins must use version 1.1 of the Office.js library and the manifest schema.

11. 加载项向 AppSource 客户提供顺畅体验11. Add-ins provide a seamless and fluid experience for AppSource customers

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
11.111.1 对于与限制 Office 和 SharePoint 中用户体验的 Office 外接程序设计准则SharePoint 外接程序设计准则相关的问题,外接程序可能使验证失败。Add-ins can fail validation for issues related to Office Add-in design guidelines and SharePoint Add-in design guidelines and which impede the customer experience within Office and SharePoint.
11.211.2 依赖于外部帐户或服务的外接程序必须提供清晰而简单的登录/注销和注册体验。Add-ins that depend on external accounts or services must provide a clear and simple sign in/sign out and sign-up experience. 如果应用或外接程序面向大型组织或企业,并依赖外部帐户或服务,登录/注销体验必须简洁明了。If your app or add-in targets a larger organization or enterprise and depends on external accounts or services, it must provide a clear and simple sign in/sign out experience. 无需提供注册体验,因为注册是由应用/外接程序之外的企业进行管理,而不是由用户个人管理。A sign-up experience is not required, as sign up will be managed by the enterprise outside of the app/add-in and not by the individual user.

有关详细信息,请参阅 AppSource 验证策略进行了更改,以支持面向大型组织和企业的应用和加载项For more information, see AppSource validation policy changes to support apps and add-ins that target larger organizations and enterprises.
11.311.3 您的 Office 外接程序必须提供具有清晰价值主张的首轮无缝体验。如果用户必须登录或注册,操作之前必须使用户清楚价值主张。Your Office Add-in must provide a seamless first run experience, with a clear value proposition. If users must sign in or sign up, the value proposition must be clear to the user before they do so. 如果应用或外接程序面向大型组织或企业,无需提供顺畅的首次使用体验和价值主张。不过,外接程序的 UI 中必须包含电子邮件联系人或链接,以便用户可以通过单击了解服务的更多信息。If your app or add-in targets a larger organization or enterprise, a seamless first run experience and value proposition is not required. However, your add-in must include either an email contact or a link in the UI that users can click to learn more about your services.

有关详细信息,请参阅 AppSource 验证策略进行了更改,以支持面向较大组织和企业的应用和加载项For more information, see AppSource validation policy changes to support apps and add-ins that target larger organizations and enterprises.
11.411.4 您外接程序的 UI(按钮、链接、文本字段)的目的必须直观且明显。不必要求用户阅读支持内容以执行基本操作。有关详细信息,请参阅 开发 Office 外接程序的最佳做法The UI (buttons, links, text fields) of your add-in must be intuitive and obvious in their purpose. Users must not be required to read support content to perform basic operations. For more information, see Best practices for developing Office Add-ins.

12. Office Mix 加载项12. Office Mix Add-ins

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
12.112.1 Office Mix 外接程序必须用于教育目的。Office Mix Add-ins must be for an educational purpose.
12.212.2 必须使用 Office Mix 平台创建 Office Mix 外接程序。Office Mix Add-ins must be created using the Office Mix platform.
12.312.3 Office Mix 外接程序必须免费。Office Mix Add-ins must be free.
12.412.4 在发布到 Office Mix 时,Office Mix 外接程序必须从播放视图开始。Office Mix Add-ins must start in the Play View when published to Office Mix.
12.512.5 所有适用于 PowerPoint 内容外接程序的限制都适用于 Office 混合外接程序。All restrictions that apply to content add-ins for PowerPoint also apply to Office Mix Add-ins.

13.Power BI 自定义视觉对象13. Power BI custom visuals

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
13.113.1 Power BI 自定义视觉对象必须是免费的。Power BI custom visuals must be free. Power BI 自定义视觉对象可以提供额外的购买。Power BI custom visuals can offer additional purchases. 如果 Power BI 自定义视觉对象提供额外的购买,必须符合的 IAP 准则。If your Power BI custom visual offers an additional purchase, it must comply with the IAP guidelines. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Power BI 自定义视觉对象额外的购买准则For details, see Guidelines for Power BI visuals with additional purchases.
13.213.2 提交到 AppSource 的 Power BI 自定义视觉对象必须附有示例文件,它与 pbviz 文件位于同一位置,格式为 .pbix。Power BI custom visuals submitted to AppSource must be accompanied by a sample file included in the same location as the pbviz file, with the .pbix format. 为了提供最佳用户体验,请考虑在示例文件中添加视觉对象的使用提示和技巧。For the best user experience, consider adding Hints and Tips for using the Visual to the sample file.
13.313.3 自定义视觉对象必须支持 Power BI Desktop、Power BI Online、Power BI 移动应用和 Power BI Windows 通用应用。Your custom visual must support Power BI Desktop, Power BI Online, Power BI mobile apps, and Power BI Windows universal apps. 它必须能够与 Windows 10 以及 Microsoft Edge、Chrome、Firefox 和 Safari (Mac OS) 的最新版本兼容。It must be compatible with Windows 10 and the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Mac OS).
13.413.4 自定义视觉对象必须支持该视觉对象类型适用的 Power BI 的核心功能,包括但不限于以下项:Your custom visual must support the core functions of Power BI for that visual type, including, but not limited to:

固定到仪表板Pinning to dashboard
焦点模式Focus mode
各种数据类型Various data types

14.Microsoft Teams 应用14. Microsoft Teams apps

|策略编号Policy number|说明Description| |:-----|:-----| |14.114.1|Microsoft Teams 应用必须是免费的。Your Microsoft Teams app must be free.| |14.214.2|对于自动程序,你的自动程序可能无法通过用户向自动程序界面传输金融工具详细信息。自动程序可能会传输链接以确保用户付款服务的安全;但是,在用户同意使用你的自动程序之前,你必须在应用的使用条款和隐私策略(以及该应用的任何配置文件页或网站)中披露此信息。For bots, your bot may not transmit financial instrument details through the user to bot interface. Your bot may transmit links to secure payment services to users; however, you must disclose this in your app’s terms of use and privacy policy (and any profile page or website for the app) before a user agrees to use your bot.| |14.314.3|未经用户明确许可,你的 Microsoft Teams 应用不得启动 Microsoft Teams 应用体验之外的功能。Your Microsoft Teams app must not launch functionality outside of the Microsoft Teams app experience without the explicit permission of the user.| |14.414.4|已删除。Deleted.| |14.514.5|Microsoft Teams 应用必须在合理时间范围内作出响应。Microsoft Teams apps must respond in a reasonable time frame.| ||对于选项卡,如果操作的响应时间超过三秒,必须提供加载消息或警告。For tabs, if a response to an action takes more than three seconds, you must provide a loading message or warning.| ||对于自动程序,必须在两秒内响应用户命令。如果需要更长的处理时间,必须使用键入指示器。For bots, a response to a user command must occur within two seconds. If longer processing is required, you must use a typing indicator.| |14.5.314.5.3|对于撰写扩展,必须在五秒内响应用户命令。For compose extensions, a response to a user command must occur within five seconds.| |14.614.6|Microsoft Teams 应用必须能够在以下操作系统和浏览器上正常运行:Your Microsoft Teams app must be fully functional on the following operating systems and browsers:

Window 7 及更高版本Window 7 and later
Mac 10.10 及更高版本Mac 10.10 and later
Microsoft Edge 12 及更高版本Microsoft Edge 12 and later
Firefox 47.0 及更高版本Firefox 47.0 and later
Chrome 51.0 及更高版本Chrome 51.0 and later

iOS(9.0 及更高版本)、Android(4.4 及更高版本)和 Windows Phone(10.0.10586 及更高版本)上正常运行。Your bot experience must be fully function on iOS (9.0 and later), Android (4.4 and later), and Windows Phone (10.0.10586 and later).| |14.714.7|必须提交服务条款链接。You must submit a Terms of Service link.| |14.814.8|对于自动程序和撰写扩展,务必要遵循 Microsoft Bot Framework 开发者行为准则中的隐私声明要求。For bots and compose extensions, you will need to ensure that you follow the privacy notice requirements as communicated in the Developer Code of Conduct for the Microsoft Bot Framework.| |14.914.9|自动程序和撰写扩展的运行必须符合 Microsoft Bot Framework 在线服务协议Microsoft Bot Framework 开发者行为准则中规定的要求。Your bot and compose extension must operate in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Microsoft Bot Framework Online Services Agreement and Developer Code of Conduct for the Microsoft Bot Framework.| |14.1014.10|Microsoft Team 应用包必须使用正确的格式,并且符合最新的清单架构。Your Microsoft Team app’s package must be correctly formatted and conform to the latest manifest schema. 当前清单架构版本为 1.5。This is currently manifest schema version 1.4.| |14.1114.11|对于自动程序,所有清单信息必须与自动程序的 Bot Framework 元数据一致:自动程序名称、徽标、隐私链接和服务条款链接。For bots, all manifest information must be consistent with your bot’s Bot Framework metadata: bot name, logo, privacy link, and terms of service link.| |14.1214.12|Microsoft Teams 应用名称不得包含“应用”、“插件”或衍生名称。Your Microsoft Teams app name may not include "app", "plug-in", or derivatives.| |14.1314.13|Microsoft Teams 应用的 UI(按钮、链接、文本字段)必须直观且用途明显。用户不必阅读支持内容即可执行基本操作。The UI (buttons, links, text fields) of your Microsoft Teams app must be intuitive and obvious in their purpose. Users must not be required to read support content to perform basic operations.| |14.1414.14|Microsoft 审查你的 Microsoft Teams 应用并将其发布到 Microsoft Teams 库并不代表对你的 Microsoft Teams 应用的认可。Microsoft's review and publication of your Microsoft Teams app to the Microsoft Teams gallery is not an endorsement of your Microsoft Teams app.| |14.1514.15|如果 Microsoft Teams 应用验证失败,可能是因为存在与 Microsoft Teams 应用设计准则相关的问题或存在妨碍 Microsoft Teams 内的客户体验的问题。若要通过验证,Microsoft Team 应用必须满足以下要求:Microsoft Teams apps can fail validation for issues related to Microsoft Teams app design guidelines or issues that impede the customer experience within Microsoft Teams. To pass validation, Microsoft Teams apps must meet the following requirements:

  • 选项卡体验提供的价值必须超越托管现有网站的层面。A tab experience must provide value beyond simply hosting an existing website.
  • 频道选项卡中的内容必须对频道的所有成员保持上下文一致,而不是只针对个人使用。Content in a channel tab must be contextually the same for all members of the channel and not scoped for individual use.
  • 选项卡内容的部件版式或导航分层不应过多。Content in a tab should not have excessive chrome or layered navigation.
  • 可配置的选项卡不应允许用户导航到同一个选项卡的核心体验之外。A configurable tab should not allow users to navigate outside the core experience within the same tab.
  • 可配置的选项卡的配置屏幕必须明确说明其体验价值和配置方法。The configuration screen of a configurable tab must clearly explain the value of the experience and how to configure it.
  • 选项卡配置必须在配置屏幕中进行。Tab configuration must happen in the configuration screen.
  • 自动程序必须可以进行响应,并且发生的故障必须在可预测范围内。Bots must be responsive and fail gracefully.
| |14.1614.16|Microsoft Teams 应用必须以 Microsoft Teams 体验为主,不应包含其他基于聊天的类似协作平台或服务的名称、图标或图像,但应用提供特定互操作性时除外。Microsoft Teams apps must focus on the Microsoft Teams experience and should not include names, icons, or imagery of other similar chat-based collaboration platforms or services unless the apps provide specific interoperability.| |14.1714.17|依赖于外部帐户或服务的应用必须提供清晰而简单的登录/注销和注册体验。Apps that depend on external accounts or services must provide a clear and simple sign-in/sign-out and sign-up experience. 依赖向外部服务进行身份验证以便在频道中共享内容的 Microsoft Teams 应用,必须在帮助文档(或类似位置)中清楚地说明用户如何断开连接或取消共享任何共享内容(如果外部服务支持相同的功能)。Microsoft Teams apps that depend on authentication to an external service to allow content sharing in channels must clearly state in their help documentation (or similar location) how a user can disconnect or unshare any shared content (if the same feature is supported on the external service). Microsoft Teams 应用中不一定需要取消共享此内容的功能,但应以文档形式清楚地记录此过程,且文档应可供用户在应用内访问。The ability to unshare this content does not have to be present in the Microsoft Teams app, but the process should be clearly documented, and the documentation should be accessible from within the app.| |14.1814.18| 为帮助确保应用程序和用户的安全,不能在清单中的有效域内添加组织控制范围外的域(包括通配符)和隧道服务。To help to ensure the security of your app and users, domains outside of your organization's control (including wildcards) and tunneling services cannot be included in the valid domains in your manifest. |14.1914.19| 第 2 部分中所述的策略不适用于 Microsoft Teams 应用。The policies outlined in Section 2 do not apply to Microsoft Teams apps. Microsoft Teams 应用可能不显示广告。Microsoft Teams apps may not display ads.

15. 包含自定义函数的加载项15. Add-ins with Excel custom functions

策略编号Policy number 说明Description
15.115.1 包含自定义函数的加载项必须支持加载项命令。Add-ins that contain custom functions must support add-in commands. 这是为了确保用户可以轻松发现你的加载项。This is to ensure that users can easily discover your add-in.
15.215.2 自定义函数元数据必须 helpUrl 属性集。Your custom functions metadata must have the helpUrl property set. 如需示例,请参阅自定义函数元数据For an example, see Custom functions metdata.
15.315.3 为了帮助确保应用程序和用户的安全性,自定义函数 HTML、Javascript 和 JSON 元数据文件必须托管在同一域中。To help to ensure the security of your app and users, your custom functions HTML, Javascript, and JSON metadata files must be hosted on the same domain.
15.415.4 加载项必须适用于支持自定义函数的所有平台。Your add-in must work across all platforms that support custom functions. 加载项还必须在 Requirements 元素中定义以下要求集<Set Name="CustomFunctionsRuntime" MinVersion="1.1"/>Your add-in must also define in the Requirements element the following requirement set <Set Name="CustomFunctionsRuntime" MinVersion="1.1"/>.
15.515.5 使用清单中的 EquivalentAddins 标记批准加载项之后,加载项的所有后续更新都必须包含标记。After an add-in is approved using the EquivalentAddins tag in the manifest, all future updates to the add-in must include this tag. 此标记可确保自定义函数保存在 XLL 兼容模式中。This tag ensures that your custom functions save in XLL-compatible mode.
15.615.6 为了帮助确保验证流程的高效性,如果加载项包含自定义函数,则必须提供测试备注,以便在提交时对其进行验证。To help ensure an efficient validation process, if your add-in contains custom functions, you must provide test notes to validate them on submission.


随着要求的变化,我们将继续更新文档。As these requirements evolve, we will continue to update our documentation. 稳定的要求对完美地完成工作至关重要,所以我们的目标是确保我们所做的更改是可持续的,并继续保护和增强你的加载项。Stable requirements are critical to your doing your best work, so we aim to ensure that the changes we do make are sustainable and continue to protect and enhance your add-ins.

再次感谢你加入我们,让我们得以保持提供美好体验的承诺。Thank you again for joining us in this commitment to delivering fantastic experiences.

验证策略更改列表Validation policy change list

版本Version 上次修改时间Last modified 说明Description
2.22.2 2019 年 6 月 6 日June 6, 2019 更新了策略 14.10。Updated policy 14.10.
2.22.2 2019 年 5 月 6 日May 6, 2019 新增部分 15。Added section 15.
2.22.2 2019 年 4 月 19 日April 19, 2019 更新了策略 14.10。Updated policy 14.10.
2.22.2 2019 年 4 月 4 日April 04, 2019 添加了策略 14.19。Added policy 14.19.
2.22.2 2018 年 12 月 3 日December 03,2018 更新了策略 13.1。Updated policy 13.1.
2.22.2 2018 年 11 月 19 日November 19,2018 更新了策略 7.4.5。Updated policy 7.4.5.
2.22.2 2018 年 12 月 3 日December 03, 2018 更新了策略 13.1。Updated policy 13.1.
2.22.2 2018 年 11 月 19 日November 19, 2018 更新了策略 7.4.5。Updated policy 7.4.5.
2.22.2 2018 年 9 月 11 日September 11, 2018 更新了策略 4.12.3。Updated policy 4.12.3.
2.22.2 2018 年 8 月 20 日August 20, 2018 更新了策略 6.13。Updated policy 6.13.
2.22.2 2018 年 8 月 20 日August 20, 2018 删除了策略 7.18。Removed policy 7.18.
2.22.2 2018 年 7 月 4 日July 4, 2018 更新了策略 3.2。Updated policy 3.2.
2.22.2 2018 年 6 月 11 日June 11, 2018 添加了策略 7.4.6Added policy 7.4.6.
2.22.2 2018 年 5 月 16 日May 16, 2018 更新了策略 5.1。Updated policy 5.1.
2.22.2 2018 年 3 月 30 日March 30, 2018 添加了策略 5.9。Added policy 5.9.
2.22.2 2018 年 3 月 8 日March 8, 2018 添加了策略 14.18。Added policy 14.18.
2.22.2 2018 年 2 月 20 日February 20, 2018 更新了策略 13.3、14.6 和 14.10。Updated policies 13.3, 14.6, and 14.10.
2.22.2 2018 年 2 月 19 日February 19, 2018 更新了策略 7.3.1。Updated policy 7.3.1.
2.22.2 2018 年 1 月 22 日January 22, 2018 更新了策略 7.17.2。Updated policy 7.17.2.
2.22.2 2018 年 1 月 11 日January 11, 2018 添加了策略 14.17。Added policy 14.17.
2.22.2 2018 年 1 月 4 日January 4, 2018 在整个页面将 Office 应用商店更新为 AppSourceUpdated Office Store to AppSource throughout page.
2.22.2 2017 年 8 月 9 日August 9, 2017 将策略 10.8 更新为适用于 Office for Android,并添加了策略 10.8.2。Updated policy 10.8 to apply to Office for Android, and added policy 10.8.2.
2.22.2 2017 年 8 月 4 日August 4, 2017 添加了策略 14.15 和 14.16。Added policies 14.15 and 14.16.
2.22.2 2017 年 7 月 21 日July 21, 2017 添加了策略 7.19。Added policy 7.19.
2.22.2 2017 年 7 月 7 日July 7, 2017 删除了策略 14.4。更新了策略 14.5、14.6、14.8 和 14.9。Removed policy 14.4. Updated policies 14.5, 14.6, 14.8, and 14.9.
2.22.2 2017 年 5 月 4 日May 4, 2017 针对 Microsoft Teams 应用添加了第 14 节。Added section 14 for Microsoft Teams apps.
2.12.1 2017 年 2 月 15 日February 15, 2017 针对 Outlook 外接程序的更新策略 4.12.1。Updated policy 4.12.1 for Outlook add-ins.
2.12.1 2017 年 2 月 8 日February 8, 2017 针对 Power BI 自定义视觉对象添加了第 13 节。Added section 13 for Power BI custom visuals.
2.02.0 2017 年 1 月 23 日January 23, 2017 更新了策略 4.12.2 和 4.12.3。Updated policies 4.12.2 and 4.12.3.
2.02.0 2017 年 1 月 17 日January 17, 2017 阐明了策略 5.8。Clarified policy 5.8.
2.02.0 2017 年 1 月 9 日January 9, 2017 更新了策略 4.12.1,声明使用任务窗格清单的 Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 外接程序必须支持外接程序命令,生效日期为 2017 年 2 月 1 日。Updated policy 4.12.1 to state that add-in commands are required for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint add-ins that use the taskpane manifest, effective Feb 1, 2017.
2.02.0 2016 年 11 月 30 日November 30, 2016 面向大型组织或企业的应用和外接程序的新增验证策略:7.4.5、11.2.1、11.3.1Added new validation policies for apps and add-ins that target larger organizations or enterprises: 7.4.5, 11.2.1, 11.3.1
1.91.9 2016 年 4 月 19 日April 19, 2016 更新了策略 4.12、5.9 和 7.3,并添加了策略 7.4、11.3、11.4。Updated policies 4.12, 5.9, and 7.3. Added policies 7.4, 11.3, 11.4.

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