Phonetics 对象 (Excel)Phonetics object (Excel)

指定范围中的所有**Phonetic** 对象的集合。A collection of all the Phonetic objects in the specified range.


每个Phonetic对象包含有关特定拼音文本字符串的信息。Each Phonetic object contains information about a specific phonetic text string.


Phonetics 属性用于返回Phonetics集合。Use the Phonetics property to return the Phonetics collection. 下面的示例使 A1:C4 范围中的所有拼音文本可见。The following example makes all phonetic text in the range A1:C4 visible.

Range("A1:C4").Phonetics.Visible = True

Phonetics (索引),其中_index_是索引号的拼音文本,用于返回一个Phonetic对象。Use Phonetics ( index ), where index is the index number of the phonetic text, to return a single Phonetic object. 下面的示例设置为"フリガナ"活动单元格中的第一个拼音文本字符串。The following example sets the first phonetic text string in the active cell to "フリガナ".

ActiveCell.Phonetics(1).Text = "フリガナ"

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