SparkPoints.Firstpoint 属性 (Excel)SparkPoints.Firstpoint property (Excel)

返回一个代表的颜色和可见性迷你图上数据的第一个点的标记的**SparkColor** 对象。Returns a SparkColor object that represents the color and visibility of the marker for the first point of data on a sparkline. 只读Read-only


expressionexpression. Firstpoint

_表达式_代表SparkPoints对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a 'SparkPoints' object.

返回值Return value



Firstpoint属性对应于和标记颜色下拉列表中的样式部分的第一个点项目的显示部分中的第一个点复选框的设置 * * 迷你图工具设计 * * 功能区选项卡。The Firstpoint property corresponds to the setting of the First Point check box in the Show section, and of the First Point item on the Marker Color drop-down list in the Style section of the ** Sparkline Tools Design** tab of the ribbon.

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