GroupItems 属性(PowerPoint)Shape.GroupItems property (PowerPoint)

返回一个 GroupShapes 对象,该对象表示指定组中的单个形状。Returns a GroupShapes object that represents the individual shapes in the specified group. 使用 GroupShapes 对象的 Item 方法可返回组中的单个形状。Use the Item method of the GroupShapes object to return a single shape from the group. 此为只读属性。Read-only.


expressionexpression. GroupItems

_表达式_一个代表**Shape** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Shape object.

返回值Return value



本示例向_myDocument_中添加三个三角形,将它们组合在一起,设置整个组的颜色,然后只更改第二个三角形的颜色。This example adds three triangles to myDocument, groups them, sets a color for the entire group, and then changes the color for the second triangle only.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes

    .AddShape(msoShapeIsoscelesTriangle, 10, _
        10, 100, 100).Name = "shpOne"

    .AddShape(msoShapeIsoscelesTriangle, 150, _
        10, 100, 100).Name = "shpTwo"

    .AddShape(msoShapeIsoscelesTriangle, 300, _
        10, 100, 100).Name = "shpThree"

    With .Range(Array("shpOne", "shpTwo", "shpThree")).Group
        .Fill.PresetTextured msoTextureBlueTissuePaper
        .GroupItems(2).Fill.PresetTextured msoTextureGreenMarble
    End With

End With

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